Jenelle Evans Baby: ‘Teen Mom’ Explains Why She Wasn’t Lying To MTV Producers

Jenelle Evans has been accused of lying about her pregnancy. Over the summer, this Teen Mom 2 star announced that she was pregnant with her third child, and she was over the moon excited that she is having a baby girl. Jenelle already has two sons with two separate men, Jace and Kaiser, so it is exciting for her that she's bringing a girl into this world. But when exactly did she find out that she was pregnant? When MTV producers asked her about the pregnancy on last night's Teen Mom 2, it is possible that Jenelle was pregnant -- she just didn't know herself.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now trying to set the record straight with a timeline that doesn't seem to make sense with Teen Mom 2 viewers. Apparently, there had been plenty of rumors about the time she got pregnant, but Evans didn't know she was pregnant. She reveals on Twitter that she even went to the doctor's office for an ultrasound, but they couldn't see anything. As Teen Mom 2 was airing last night, Jenelle Evans decided to set the record straight by explaining how things went down -- and how she didn't lie to producers.

"Here's the deal... April of 2016 I filmed the car cam scene with David and found out at lunch from my Endo. I was pregnant...Then coming home from lunch the car scene with David was filmed with me not remembering we were recording lol," Jenelle Evans explains on Twitter, sharing that she thought she might be pregnant.

"A week or few days later we flew out to the reunion, end of April 2016. At that time I had to go see a doctor because I thought it was the time of my month. Saw the OBGYN the Doctors show connected me with in LA. He conducted an ultrasound and told me I was not pregnant," Jenelle Evans adds, sharing that she may have thought she was pregnant for a few days but was told by the doctor that there was no baby.

Apparently, Evans was essentially told that if there had been a baby, she would have miscarried already. And she reveals that she wasn't lying when the MTV producers decided to show up at her home to surprise her and congratulate her on the pregnancy. And if she had thought that she had miscarried, one can imagine it would be painful for her to talk about it.

"Once I got home from the reunion MTV came over unexpectedly to congratulate us, but sadly I wasn't. I didn't want to explain on camera. Then I went to Farrah's birthday in May and even made a post on IG how I wasn't pregnant if you all remember. Found out I was in June. After finding out of course I kept it a secret becuz everyone claimed I was already lying but as for my mom she tells everyone everything," Jenelle Evans explains, sharing that she wasn't lying about being pregnant on television -- she merely didn't want to explain that she had possibly miscarried.

However, things worked out for the couple, as Jenelle later found out that she was indeed pregnant and was carrying her daughter. She announced her pregnancy to the world when she found out that she was expecting a daughter over the summer, which means she was around 20 weeks along when she finally announced the news.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' explanation on Twitter about her pregnancy? Do you think she's ready for a third child in her life now that she's in a stable relationship with David Eason?

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