‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Couple Alert, Are Griffin And Olivia Official?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Griffin and Olivia will have a messy hookup. It’s sketchy that this hookup would even take place, but a huge revelation drives him into Olivia’s arms. Spoilers insist that the one night stand will happen thanks to a little liquid courage and a huge revelation.

According to a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital fans will learn that Griffin will get drunk after he gulps down Irish Whiskey at Nathan and Maxie’s wedding. Things seemed okay with Griffin until he found out Claudette, his true love, killed herself. After that, he’s been on a downward spiral and trying to convince everyone and himself that Claudette was murdered by Valentin to relieve himself of guilt. As General Hospital fans know, he had deep feelings for Claudette, and they didn’t end on the best of terms, so when he heard the news, he was gutted and probably realized there’s no closure there.

General Hospital spoilers state that boozing it up with Anna does him no good and only begins the mess that he makes for himself. After all, he has a lot of guilt weighing him down. This is a perfect recipe for disaster as Olivia is feeling quite vulnerable as well, which will lead them to console each other. After their one night stand the question becomes whether or not this will start the saga of a full-fledged couple? As of right now, we don’t know where this one night stand will lead Griffin and Olivia, but there’s a loose connection here.

General Hospital fans might remember that Olivia tortured Griffin’s dear friend Anna. Another angle here is that Olivia might see him as a reincarnation of Duke, his father, which would be wild, and trippy.

While General Hospital spoilers don’t go into detail on how this will affect Griffin, it’s expected to be a huge deal with their tangled ties. As longtime fans will know, Olivia has been obsessed with Duke since the 80s, and since actress Tonja Walker is finally back in the role, perhaps the writers of General Hospital will bring that back into focus?

If the writers do go in that direction, it’s going to be a twisted tale. General Hospital viewers may remember earlier in the season that it was revealed that Griffin is Duke’s son, so perhaps Olivia will then transfer her obsession onto him? We don’t know if Griffin will feel anything but disgust for Olivia but either way, it should be a sight to see once they realize what has transpired between the two of them

General Hospital spoilers suggest that it might be a hard road for Duke’s son, as he already has enough demons on his back, and he probably doesn’t need another one by bedding Olivia. General Hospital viewers might remember the affair he had with Claudette while she was married to Nathan.

There’s still the question of whether or not he will even be ashamed of sleeping with Olivia. If he isn’t disgusted, he might seek comfort in her, which may lead to a relationship. Crazier things have happened on the soap when it comes to official couples debuting on the show, so it’s very much an anything goes kind of storyline if that’s what the writers want.

Do you think these General Hospital spoilers are telling of Griffin and Olivia’s new connection? Will Griffin be ashamed of jumping into bed with Olivia or will he find comfort?

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