Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets: Will There Be a Streaker, Safety, Or Overtime? Lady Gaga Halftime Show, Johnny Manziel 2017 Return, & More

Super Bowl 51 is still over 10 days away, but the hype behind the big game is just beginning. By definition, the Super Bowl is just another football game played by the same players under the same rules as it always has been for the last 50 years. However, this one particular game has grown into so much more than your average football contest.

Super Bowl Sunday is a celebration in so many ways. To millions of NFL fans, it really is a holiday. It’s an excuse for family and friends to get together and relive old NFL memories, along with some of their own, while they watch which team will be crowned the next champion of the NFL.

Of course, let’s not forget about consuming large amounts of food, probably drinking a few cocktails, and making all types of crazy bets on the game.

Super Bowl 51 Las Vegas

The money wagered on the Super Bowl each year is staggering, and one of the main reasons is the wide variety of situations Las Vegas lets folks wager on.

From “What team will win the coin toss?” or “What team will score first?” to “What will the color of Gatorade the winning team will dump on their coach,” the things you can wager on in this game are incredible.

How about “Will there be a streaker on the field during the game?”

It has happened, and ironically the last streaker that made major headlines was in Houston — in the same building hosting this year’s Super Bowl.

The list that some Las Vegas sports books will put out for Super Sunday may reach up to 100 different props that patrons can wager on before, during, or after the game.

If you aren’t familiar with what a prop bet is, don’t worry — you are not alone. Props are simple to understand, and they usually take just a good, old-fashioned guess.

Here’s a quick example.

A lot of people will bet on who will win Super Bowl 51. Obviously, they won’t know if they won their bet or not until the game is completed some four hours later. A prop bet may take 10 seconds to win or lose, and they are usually a lot more fun to wager on.

A perfect example of quick results is “What team will win the coin toss?” If you wager on Atlanta to win the coin toss and they do, you win! That’s it.

While that may sound like a ridiculous thing to risk real money on, these prop bets bring in millions every year.

Super Bowl coin toss odds

When you think about it, betting on the coin toss is better than almost any wager you can make in a Las Vegas casino. Your chances of winning are 50/50, which is much greater than playing a slot machine or the lottery.

Would you ever bet on what the color of someone’s hair would be for an event? According to a report, you can do just that on Super Sunday.

Lady Gaga is performing the halftime show for Super Bowl 51, and the pop queen has several prop-bet wagers that tie her directly in with the festivities, with one being “What will Lady Gaga’s hair color be during the halftime show?”

Yes, you can’t make this stuff up!

Gaga has her own section of prop bets, and you can click here to check all of them out.

One last prop that deserves a mention is not really a Super Bowl prop, but football related.

Oddsshark has a prop bet listed on if Johnny Manziel will return to the NFL in 2017. The former No. 1 draft choice was Mr. Everything in college, but his experiences off the field after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns have put him in no man’s land when it comes to playing football.

Manziel is currently a free agent. Are you hoping he will put his terrible pro start behind him and make a second run at sticking with an NFL team? Can Johnny Football get his act together? Vegas odds makers aren’t betting on it, but if you believe Manziel will return to the gridiron in 2017, you can make a nice profit off it because the odds would heavily be in your favor.

You can check out the Manziel prop bet, along with some of the more popular Super Bowl 51 prop bets that have already been released below. Look for many sportsbooks to continue adding prop wagers next week.

“Will Johnny Manziel be on an active NFL roster in Week 1 of the 2017 season?”

  • Yes +400
  • No -600

“What will Lady Gaga’s hair color during halftime show?”

  • Blonde/Yellow -170
  • Brown +200
  • Green +1000
  • Pink +1500
  • White +1500
  • Blue +1500
  • Purple +2000
  • Orange +2000

Length of National Anthem (Luke Bryan)

  • Over 1:57 seconds
  • Under 1:57 seconds

Will the coin toss be heads or tails?

  • Heads -110
  • Tails -110

What team will win the coin toss?

  • Patriots -115
  • Falcons -115

What will the first offensive play be?

  • Run -120
  • Pass – 135

What team will score first?

  • Falcons -145
  • Patriots -160

What will the first scoring play of the game be?

  • Falcons Field Goal +380
  • Falcons TD Pass +300
  • Falcons Rushing TD +650
  • Falcons Safety +3300
  • Falcons Defensive or Special Teams TD +1600
  • Patriots Field Goal +350
  • Patriots TD Pass +450
  • Patriots Rushing TD +850
  • Patriots Safety +3300
  • Patriots Defensive or Special Teams TD +2000

What team will score the longest touchdown?

  • Falcons -170
  • Patriots -145

What team will score last?

  • Falcons -130
  • Patriots -135

Will any player do the Dirty Bird touchdown celebration?

  • Yes -130
  • No +100

Number of times “Matty Ice” is said during the broadcast

  • Yes -140
  • No +110

Will there be a safety?

  • Yes +375
  • No -700

Will a streaker or someone illegally enter the field of play Super Bowl LI?

  • Yes +1500
  • No -5000

Will either team attempt a two point conversion?

  • Yes +130
  • No -115

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