Kylie Jenner Announces Location Of Her Second Pop-Up Shop

Cosmetics queen Kylie Jenner has officially announced the location of her second pop-up store, and fans can barely contain their excitement.

Jenner, 19, took to SnapChat— arguably her favorite way of communicating with her millions of fans— to make the announcement on Monday. She asked fans “are you guys ready for my next pop up..” as she waited two hours to follow it up with “can u guess where? tweet me hashtag #KyliePopUp.”

Finally, five hours after her initial SnapChat post, Jenner announced the second pop-up store will be located in New York City with a simple “coming soon NYC” SnapChat message. Bustle reported on the first SnapChat message as Kylie generated excitement over the release of the location.

The teen makeup mogul first gave fans a look at her new hairstyle, a sleek bob, before switching topics to her next store.

“Of course Kylie Jenner would change her hair and tease her fans about a new Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shop in the same day.”

Kylie Jenner announces location of second pop-up shop in NYC

As previously mentioned, Jenner kept fans guessing for several hours before making the highly-anticipated announcement.

“The snap was as mysterious as can be with just text on a black background, but I’m sure Jenner will be giving more clues to come.”

The site actually guessed the next location correctly as it assumed an East Coast location given Kylie’s first pop-up was located in Los Angeles.

“For starters, since her first one was in the Los Angeles area, maybe Jenner will take her Kylie Lip Kits to the eastcoast — maybe an NYC location?”

Bustle even went as far as to suggest perhaps the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister is gearing up to open a permanent location as she continues to surprise fans with temporary stores. Stores which are extremely popular as fans eagerly wait hours just to step inside.

“…maybe Jenner will even continue the popups until a real brick-and-mortar Kylie Cosmetics store opens? We can only dream!”

Kylie Jenner announces location of second pop-up shop in NYC

Of course, Kylie retweeted a few Twitter posts about the news as fans expressed their excitement.

“Hearing about @KylieJenner having a @kyliecosmetics pop up in NYC kinda just made my night”

“Yo I’m actually balling my eyes out rn because @KylieJenner is Having a pop up shop in NY and I can’t wait!!!!omg im dead!!”

While some fans were overjoyed at the news of an upcoming New York City pop-up, other fans suggested Jenner have one in their cities. Some said if the store isn’t going to be in Miami, then Kylie shouldn’t even bother opening it.


Other Twitter users shared the same sentiments, but with their cities. Fans suggested places such as Atlanta, Texas, Florida, Chicago, the Bay Area, Australia, and the Mall of America. While all of these locations would see major business, Kylie seems set on hitting up her cities of choice first. This fact was not lost on her fans and followers as they made jokes about Kylie’s post.

“girl have one in Oregon lmao”

“When @KylieJenner be like “Guess where my next pop up will be?” Ha ha nowhere near me #KyliePopUp”

However, some fans seemed to think Jenner would once again open a pop-up in her hometown of Los Angeles.

“can you put one closer to south central this time?”

While Southern California has already been graced by a Kylie pop-up, fans wouldn’t be wrong to assume if she were to open a permanent location, it would be around Los Angeles. After all, Jenner would want to be hands-on in the endeavor as she seems to be with most projects.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]