Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright Land Spin-Off: What Does Jax Have Issues With?

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are fan favorites on Vanderpump Rules. It really does look like Jax has finally met his match, but of course, that isn’t going to come easy. Mr. Real Housewife shared the news that Jax and Brittany actually have their own spin-off coming, but this is with a twist of course. One thing that is going to be happening on this show Jax will not be okay with at all.

This spin-off was allegedly filmed in Kentucky, which is where Brittany is from and included her family. This is pretty interesting considering that her mom was on the show just last week and fans got a chance to get to know her. The show is supposed to be airing this summer, but it turns out there are a few fears that Jax and Brittany might not be together anymore by the time the show airs.

So what is Jax Taylor not okay with about this show? It turns out that a big part of it will be Brittany’s family trying to pressure the two into getting married. Jax has made it clear that he really does care about her, but that marriage just isn’t something he is ready for yet.

In Touch Weekly shared a bit about the fears that Brittany and Jax won’t be together by the time the show ends up airing. It turns out that Jax hasn’t actually proposed to her yet and it doesn’t look like he has any plans to do it just yet. Jax has admitted to cheating on girls now and then, but it really does seem like Brittany is the one for him. She has stuck by him through him getting arrested for stealing sunglasses and more. The two are still going strong, but the fact that Brittany wants marriage and Jax isn’t ready yet could cause problems for them.

Bravo shared a bit about what Brittany’s life was like before she was with Jax Taylor. She lived in Kentucky and then met Jax while in Las Vegas. They ended up getting along great, and after dating for a bit, Brittany moved to LA and moved in with Jax right away. Brittany explained a bit about what her life was like before Jax Taylor.

“Every summer I would help cut tobacco, set tobacco on the tractor. We have chickens. We have horses. We have mini horses. We have two mini horses, just like [Lisa Vanderpump’s], but ours are super cute, I must say.”

Brittany Cartwright does have a big family that Jax Taylor will have to get used to being around. She is the middle child with one brother and one sister. She also has two half-brothers from her dad’s second marriage. She is close to her mom, but also her stepmom. So far, fans have only seen Brittany’s mom on the show and not the entire family. Brittany shared more about herself.

“I was a cheerleader for my college as well. So I cheered ever since I was in the third grade. It was so fun. I had an amazing time. I loved everything about [college]. I would do it all over again if i could. I had my own apartment; it was awesome.”

Are you happy to hear that Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright got their own spin-off to air on Bravo? Do you think that Jax will end up marrying her eventually? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules when they air on Monday nights on Bravo.

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Ark Endeavors]