NFL Mock Draft 2017: Team Order Updates, QB Deshaun Watson To Bills, And DeShone Kizer To 49ers In Top 10 Picks?

The NFL mock draft 2017 speculation continues to heat up as the NFL postseason is coming to a close. In a few weeks, the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will meet up in Super Bowl 51 with two stellar quarterbacks on display, among other star players. That leaves 28 other teams searching for answers on how they can compete for the Super Bowl trophy next season. Among them are teams in desperate need of a quarterback to help guide their efforts. Could that mean Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer will be among the top 10 picks for the 2017 NFL Draft?

With the recent playoff game results from the NFL, it also means two more teams now know their draft position on the board. Since the Green Bay Packers were basically dismantled by a superior Atlanta Falcons roster in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, they’ll receive the No. 29 pick in the NFL Draft due to their overall finish, NBC Sports ProFootball Talk reported.

Aaron Rodgers and Packers suffer NFC Championship loss

The Pittsburgh Steelers came up short in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots, so they will receive the No. 30 pick to try to upgrade their roster a bit. Both teams already have elite level quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl at least once or more. However, neither the Packers nor the Steelers had quite enough to get back to that spot this past season, so that means it’s back to the drawing board.

2017 NFL Draft Order

1. Cleveland 1-15
2. San Francisco 2-14
3.Chicago 3-13
4. Jacksonville 3-13
5. Tennessee (from Los Angeles) 4-12
6. New York Jets 5-11
7. San Diego 5-11
8. Carolina 6-10
9. Cincinnati 6-9-1
10. Buffalo 7-9
11. New Orleans 7-9
12. Cleveland (from Philadelphia) 7-9
13. Arizona 7-8-1
t14. Indianapolis 8-8
t14. Philadelphia (from Minnesota) 8-8
16. Baltimore 8-8
17. Washington 8-7-1
18. Tennessee 9-7
19. Tampa Bay 9-7
20. Denver 9-7
21. Detroit 9-7
22. Miami 10-6
23. New York Giants 11-5
24. Oakland 12-4
25. Houston 9-7
26. Seattle 10-5-1
27. Kansas City 12-4
28. Dallas 13-3
29. Green Bay 10-6
30. Pittsburgh 11-5

In a recently updated NFL mock draft report at CBS Sports, Dane Brugler is holding tight with his choice for the No. 1 pick, contending that Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is the best choice for Cleveland unless they decide one of the top quarterbacks is a pick they need to make. That leaves North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky to go second overall to the San Francisco 49ers, according to Brugler. However, the Walter Football mock draft has another quarterback going to San Francisco, suggesting that Notre Dame’s Kizer is the man for the job as team sources like “arm strength, mobility and upside.”

How about Clemson’s star quarterback Deshaun Watson? Brugler has Watson going No. 10 overall to the Buffalo Bills, a team that seems to have plenty of talent on the roster but has been unable to reach the postseason with it. Just recently, the fifth member of their roster from this past season was announced as a selection to play in the NFL’s Pro Bowl. It made for the most Buffalo Bills in the game since 1998. However, the team finished at 7-9 and nowhere near the playoffs. Watson is being considered a possible savior, but not by everyone when it comes to the Bills.

Texas Tech quarterback Pat Mahomes

Walter Football disagrees with Watson going that high and believes that a better pick would be Texas Tech QB Pat Mahomes. The website indicates that Watson may be a champion but hasn’t really graded so well, at least with seven teams polled earlier this month. With regards to Mahomes, the website indicates that he has “drawn comparisons to Derek Carr” the current star QB in Oakland (or Las Vegas now). Mahomes didn’t get the notoriety that Watson did with the championship game win, but he certainly has some impressive QB stats for scouts to consider.

In the recent NCAA football season, Mahomes finished first overall in terms of total yards, throwing for 5,052 total, along with 41 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions. Watson is just a few spots lower on the list at third overall, having thrown for 4,593 total yards with 41 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. That leaves it up to talent scouts and management to decide if Watson’s pedigree as a championship-winning quarterback is what they want, or if they prefer to take a gamble on a potential star like Mahomes might be.

The 2017 NFL Draft arrives from April 27 through April 29 in Philadelphia. How far up on the board will Deshaun Watson go and is he a first round selection? Also, will Pat Mahomes end up being drafted as high as Walter Football speculates?

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