WWE News: Former WWE Diva Pleads Guilty To Multiple Criminal Charges

Tammy Sytch, who longtime WWE fans know as Sunny, has been in a lot of trouble with the law over the years. From her numerous stints in rehab dealing with drug addictions to DUI arrests, she has spent a lot of time in court. PWInsider reported that Sunny was back in court again this month and actually plead guilty to six different criminal charges. The good news for Sunny is that she was able to avoid two of the biggest charges that could have meant a long prison sentence.

The criminal charges that Sunny plead guilty to included driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle, operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility, displaying plate card in an improper vehicle, operating a vehicle without valid inspection, and driving without Evidence of an Emission Inspection.

However, by pleading guilty to all these offenses, Sunny was able to have the charges of receiving stolen property and fraudulent use or removal of registered licensed plates removed from the case. That second charge was a more severe charge than the displaying plate card charge she pleaded guilty to.

WWE News: Former WWE Diva Pleads Guilty To Multiple Criminal Charges

There is still a chance that Sunny could face some significant prison time for the charges she pleaded guilty to. She was only 18 days on a five-year probation for three DUIs she received. For that case, she received 97 days in jail, but the courts agreed to consider the 95 days already spent in rehab as part of that, and she was in jail for two days, so her sentence was finished outside of the probation, which her recent arrest broke.

The probation for Sunny was a zero-tolerance probation, and she broke that when she was under the influence of alcohol on Sept. 12, 2016, when she was rushed to the hospital. Sunny was released on Sept. 20 from the hospital and returned three days later when the police were called there. It was at that point that police arrested the former WWE Diva for her third violation of her probation.

According to WrestleZone, the Tammy Sytch court case in February has now been canceled. Because of the guilty plea, that case is no longer needed, and a judge will determine the punishment for breaking her probation at an unconfirmed time.

WWE News: Former WWE Diva Pleads Guilty To Multiple Criminal Charges

Tammy Sytch started her career in 1992, working for Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling with her boyfriend, Chris Candido. While she enjoyed some success there as Tammy Fytch, it was when she left the promotion with Candido and joined the WWE that she became a huge star.

The WWE renamed her Tamara Murphy and had her working as a commentator. However, she hit it big when they renamed her Sunny and had her manage Candido and Tom Pritchard, who were known as Skip and Zip, The Bodydonnas. They won the tag titles and Sunny won the PWI Manager of the Year award in 1996.

She went on to manage The Godwinns and The Smoking Gunns, before starting to work on different on-screen roles. She later managed the Legion of Doom and feuded with Sable for a short time.

The WWE fired Sunny in 1998, and she went on to work for ECW and WCW. It was around this time that she and Candido’s drug and alcohol problems surfaced. Things really went south for Sunny after Chris Candido died after complications from surgery.


In 2012, Sunny was arrested five times in four weeks for disorderly conduct, third-degree burglary, and three counts of violating a protective order. Sunny was arrested again in 2013, and the New Haven Register reported that she spent a total of 114 days in jail.

In 2015, Tammy Sytch was arrested three times in two months for driving under the influence. Sunny was sentenced to jail for those in January but was released with time served and the zero-tolerance probation. With the new guilty pleas, the former WWE Diva might end up back behind bars once again.

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