Paul McCartney Died In Car Crash 50 Years Ago, Says Conspiracy Theory

Paul McCartney died just over 50 years ago, according to Newser. Wednesday, November 9, 2016, marked the 50th anniversary of McCartney’s death. Well, at least according to one of the craziest conspiracy theories of all time.

Paul McCartney’s death theory dates back to 1969 when a radio DJ received an anonymous call from a man claiming McCartney had died in a car crash on November 9, 1966. The call happened just a month after the Beatles’ official breakup.

Explaining why the world still saw Paul McCartney alive and kicking, the caller said McCartney had been replaced by a lookalike allegedly named William Campbell. Some Beatles fans believed this conspiracy theory and started spreading it among fellow Beatles fans.

Ever since then, Beatles fans started looking for clues in the band’s songs. They even believe that there is actually a reference to Paul McCartney’s fatal car crash in “A Day in the Life” and “I Am the Walrus.”

They also said it made perfect sense that Paul McCartney was dressed to represent a corpse on the cover of the Beatles’ Abbey Road. Mental Floss reports that some conspiracy theorists claim that the famous Abbey Road cover actually depicts a funeral procession, with McCartney’s bare feet indicating that he is the deceased.

Some fans also said John Lennon repeating the line “I buried Paul” on “Strawberry Fields Forever” was no coincidence.

And there have been dozens of other clues, but sensible Beatles fans know that Paul McCartney is still alive and was never replaced by anyone. However, one theory is still circulating among Beatles fans: given that Lennon has always been fond of funny media stunts, there’s a theory that he had planted those clues on purpose and even made that anonymous call by himself.

Sony would argue that Paul McCartney is indeed alive and well, as the former member of the Beatles is currently involved in a complicated legal battle against Sony, in which the singer is seeking to regain the rights to the Beatles’ back catalog.

When Paul McCartney’s wife of nearly 30 years, Linda McCartney, died in 1998, the former Beatles singer took some time off from music in order to mourn the loss, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

And when Paul McCartney released his first solo album since the death of his wife – Driving Rain in 2001 – his fans heard something remotely different from what they expected.

While Paul McCartney’s fans expected to hear some sort of a rebirth of the former Beatles singer, the singer got somewhat nostalgic of his past work with the Beatles in the mid-60s. When beginning to work on the album, McCartney told producer David Kahne that he didn’t want to run through demos over and over again.

Instead, Paul McCartney hired three musicians he had never met before and started working in the music studio. As a result, the singer produced some of his rawest material ever.

In other news, while the mannequin challenge was making the rounds on social media, celebrities were keen to join the trend, according to People magazine, and Paul McCartney was another celebrity who happily showed off his dummy skills.

Paul McCartney took to Twitter to post a mannequin challenge video, in which he is seen standing still while Rae Sremmurd’s latest hit song “Black Beatles” is playing in the background. In the video, the former Beatles singer is seen frozen kneeling on the bench near a piano. The lyrics of Rae Sremmurd’s song include the lines, “Black Beatle, b*tch, me and Paul McCartney related,” and McCartney himself doesn’t seem to mind the rapper mentioning his name in the hit song.

After the video was posted by Paul McCartney, some his fans joked that if his music career ever ends, the singer has quite a talent for standing still frozen like a mannequin. By the way, Paul McCartney’s daughter, Stella, is a fashion designer, so she might actually find her father’s talent useful for her craft.

Paul McCartney is not the first celebrity to tackle the mannequin challenge. In late 2016, members of Destiny’s Child recorded a video of themselves standing frozen like mannequins for almost a minute at Snooknuk Cafe in Los Angeles.

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