Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Feud After Breakup, Meek Reportedly Slams Nicki & Safaree Samuels Amid Cheating Rumors

Nicki Minaj appears to be feeling the heat from former boyfriend Meek Mill after he appeared to throw a pretty scathing diss at her and former boyfriend Safaree Samuels on Instagram, suggesting their breakup has now turned seriously sour and potentially into a nasty feud.

According to a new report by, Meek appeared to take aim at Nicki and Safaree on Instagram where appeared to slam the former couple just weeks after Minaj confirmed she and Mill had split after just over two years together.

Though Mill has since deleted his Instagram account entirely, screen captures of posts allegedly uploaded to his Instagram late last week appeared to show the rapper throwing a serious diss in Nicki and Meek’s direction after months of rumors claiming that he may supposedly have cheated on Minaj during their romance.

According to the site, the rapper did not hold back on social media as the feud rumors swirled, reportedly throwing out a diss aimed at Nicki and her ex-boyfriend while also hinting that his upcoming release, DC4.5, may feature at least one scathing diss track aimed at Minaj and Samuels.

Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj attend the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

“Left my bent in her driveway her ex n***** embarrassed! #pullup,” the rapper allegedly captioned a photo uploaded to the social media site of himself sitting on a Bentley, which a number of Meek’s fans claimed was about Minaj and Samuels who split in 2014 after 12 years together.

Mill then uploaded another photo thought to be a diss aimed at Nicki and Safaree, seemingly confirming that a feud may have developed by allegedly writing, “Friends turning foes n***** leaving me no choice!”

Nicki’s ex then continued to hint that there was even more shade to come following his and Minaj’s recent breakup, reportedly hinting that he’d be taking aim at the former couple in a diss track on his album be teasing that his release will “soon come.”

Notably, Safaree also recently alleged that he’d be willing to start dating Nicki again following their split before then challenging Meek to a fight earlier this month, which could be why Mill was seemingly ready to throw out some serious shade.

Meek’s seeming confirmation that things have now turned sour and into a possible feud between himself and Nicki come after months of reports alleging that Mill may have cheated on Minaj during their two year romance.

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Urban Islandz previously claimed that things had turned sour between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill her following their breakup earlier this month, reporting that Minaj had supposedly thrown out her former boyfriend’s belongings from her Californian home and blocked Mill from contacting her.

A source close to the former couple alleged that Mill “is blocked and deleted on [Instagram] and Twitter” and claimed that “all three numbers that he used to call or text her have been blocked,” suggesting Minaj and Mill are not on speaking terms following their breakup and could now be caught up in a feud. “[Nicki] even went as far as to have her people screen her calls so she could avoid picking up the phone and hearing his voice.”

“Nicki packed all of his stuff at her house in California and shipped them to him,” continued the Minaj insider close to the rapper, claiming that Nicki “doesn’t want [Mill] back there” while reporting that Meek has supposedly been attempting to contact Minaj following their breakup.

“[Meek] has been trying to contact her since their breakup,” the insider alleged, but claimed that Nicki “is [determined to] rid him of her life completely” as sources claim she may be planning a diss track of her own aimed at her ex.

Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj attend Mayweather VS Pacquiao in Las Vegas.

Hollywood Life also alleged that Meek had supposedly been attempting to contact Minaj in the wake of their breakup as the feud rumors swirl, just days before Mill appeared to seriously diss Nicki and her other famous ex on Instagram.

According to the site’s source, Meek has been trying to “hit up” Minaj in the weeks that have followed their breakup but claimed that Nicki has been “ignoring” his attempts to contact her as rumors swirl their once loved-up romance has now turned into a feud.

What do you think of Meek Mill reportedly throwing a serious diss at Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj on Instagram amid the feud claims?

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