Jenelle Evans Twitter: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gets Parenting Advice Before Baby Ensley Arrives

Jenelle Evans is currently preparing for her third child, her daughter Ensley, as she’s due in just a few days. Evans has hinted that she’s excited about becoming a mother to a little girl, as she already has two sons. And while many former Teen Mom viewers may have a second opinion about whether Jenelle should become a mother again, it sounds like Evans is trying to do everything right this time around.

The Teen Mom star is no longer stealing credit cards or putting guys before her children, and she isn’t addicted to drugs. Despite the efforts she makes to change the public’s perception of her, it sounds like she will always be the one Teen Mom star who gave up her son to her own mother.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she’s excited about her daughter joining them soon, and she’s now revealing how she’s handling a toddler these days. Kaiser is just learning how to use the potty himself, and since Evans never got the chance to do this kind of parenting with her first-born son Jace, she’s enjoying every moment of it with her second son. And it sounds like her Teen Mom followers are excited to offer up advice, help, and encouragement.

“Teaching a toddler how to potty train be like… ‘If you use the potty… you can wear Spider-Man underwear!’ #MomMotivation,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing her experiences and strategy to train Kaiser to use the potty rather than rely on diapers.

Teen Mom fans chimed in with similar experiences, writing back, “Same here! We use Thomas the Tank underwear and say ‘Thomas doesn’t like getting wet’ to encourage him to use the potty,” and “I found potty training to b the most frustrating thing! My daughter would do it & then all of a sudden refuse to. Made me nuts!”

But it sounds like Kaiser has figured Evans out. As it turns out, he knows exactly what to say to the Teen Mom star to avoid too many questions.

“Every morning we ask Kaiser if he slept good… now if he slept or not he tries tricking us by telling us ‘I sleep good’ #JokesOnUse,” Jenelle Evans revealed about Kaiser and how he deals with pleasing his parents and telling them what he knows they want to hear, to which people had plenty of positive comments.

But it sounds like people are curious about Jenelle Evans’ relationship with the Teen Mom producers. Even though Teen Mom star Jenelle is preparing to become a mother again in just a few days, it sounds like people are curious about a possible new season of Teen Mom. While the newest season of the show is currently airing, there have been rumors about Jenelle quitting the show because she’s feuding with producers. But rather than address the rumors, she decided to focus on her children.

“Are you quieting the show? Or is all these articles telling lies like always?” one person wrote to Jenelle Evans, while another added, “she threatens to quit the show every season.”

And maybe Jenelle Evans is too excited about her daughter’s arrival to really care about Teen Mom at this point. But when a follower asked about an update with Ensley, she didn’t reply either.

“Any sign of baby Ensley arriving soon?!” a third person questioned Jenelle but didn’t get an answer.

What do you think of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans getting ready for her third baby? Do you think she will be able to handle a newborn with a toddler at home and Jace visiting frequently? And what do you think of her decision to ignore rumors about her leaving Teen Mom?

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