What If He Chokes? Katie Price Unbuttons Her Blouse And Pushes Ben Fogle Into It!

Katie Price revealed on national television that she was not wearing a bra when she unbuttoned her blouse to give everyone a glimpse of her padded boobs that would have rivaled Dolly Parton's, whom she was trying to impersonate. This was during the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle U.K., during which they tried miming to Dolly's "Working 9 to 5" while pitted against TV presenter and adventurer Ben Hogle.

The former glamor model came dressed in a huge blonde wig and a bright pink skirt suit. Immediately after her performance on the show that airs on Channel 5, Katie told Mel B (who co-hosts the show with Professor Green) that she wasn't comfortable dancing around because she was not wearing any knickers. Katie then confessed that the huge chest wasn't real, and to prove it, she started to pull down her blouse while facing the audience.

Katie Price unbuttons her blouse and pushes Ben Fogle in it
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Not for general exhibition as Katie Price unbuttons her blouse and pushes Ben Fogle in it

But after giving just a brief glimpse, she mumbled apologies, saying it was a rated show.

"Oh sorry, it's a family show," cried Katie in a pretend moment of modesty.

As if to make sure her viewers got value for their time, Mel B said it was airing late. Katie then got the green light to pull her top down even further.

In the early stages of the show, which is based on a U.S. version of the same name, a backup dancer spanked her posterior as the Loose Women panelist danced around the stage.

In another performance of a song by the Black Eyed Peas, the former glamor model strutted around while dressed in a leopard print top and leather trousers. She then walked over to the bar and pulled Ben Hogle close to her, smothering his face with her breasts. While Dolly Parton would have been proud of Kate's near-perfect impersonation, she probably would have minded her weapons of mass distraction being used to suffocate an innocent competitor on stage!

Katie Price unbuttons her blouse and pushes Ben Fogle in it
[Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]

Floored with insults

Katie Price unbuttoning her blouse and pushing Ben Fogle in it was not the first time that Ben was being humiliated by his stage competitor. During the preparation video, Ben had no comeback after he was taken to the cleaners by Katie.

"I think he talks with a plum in his mouth. Who is he? I've looked in all the magazines and I can't find him? What jungle did he go into? He's like a Poundland version of Bear Grylls," Katie hammered Ben prior to Katie Price unbuttoning her blouse and pushing Ben Fogle in it.

Besides gyrating on the floor as if she were twerking, the television personality also did the splits by dropping to the floor and spreading her legs wide open while spanking her bum at the same time. But despite the treatment he underwent in her hands (and boobs), Ben managed to win the Lip Sync Battle belt.

Prior to the episode featuring Katie and Ben Hogle, the previous week featured Jimmy Carr in a Lady Gaga impersonation. Jimmy pretty much looked and sounded like Lady Gaga as he engaged in a mime act in which he was lip syncing to "Poker Face," a song she released in 2008.

Jimmy's competition was Alexander Armstrong, who tried to impersonate the Darkness' Justin Hawkins by donning a zebra catsuit and a long blonde wig. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" was the song that he chose to perform. And to cap it all, he even had a new set of teeth!

The crossdressers

The episode before featured Craig Revel Horwood and Danny Dyer battling it out.

Both stars dressed up as women, with Craig choosing to impersonate Britney Spears while Danny impersonated Amy Winehouse. There are more famous names expected to appear in upcoming episodes, including Pete Andre of the "Mysterious Girl" fame. One of the co-hosts promised that viewers will laugh even harder this season.

"It isn't work with Mel, nor is it with the team behind the scenes - it's a genuine giggle with a good bunch - I'm excited about what season 2 of Lip Sync Battle UK has to offer!" said Professor Green.

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