‘The Bachelor’ Episode 4 Spoilers: Corinne And Vanessa Start Drama, Two Girls Leave After Dates In Nick’s Hometown

Nick Viall continues his journey to find love on Week 4 of The Bachelor when he travels to his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin, with 15 girls who have made it through three weeks of rose ceremonies. Monday night’s episode will include two one-on-one dates, a group date, and plenty of drama from both Corinne Olympios and Vanessa Grimaldi.

Not only will Corinne get into a war of words with one contestant, Vanessa will talk smack about one of the girls who scores a one-on-one with Nick this week. And fans can expect to see things get a little awkward when one woman runs into Nick’s ex-girlfriend during a date. Amidst all of the drama, fans will get to see a little romance this week as sparks fly when one contestant gets to meet the Bachelor star’s family.

Which ladies get dates this week, what’s the scoop on the girl fight between Corinne and another contestant, how does Nick react to Vanessa’s questions, and who does Nick send home on Episode 4? Get the latest spoilers below and check out a video clip below for a sneak peek at tonight’s episode.

Warning: The Bachelor Season 21 spoilers are ahead!

With just seven weeks until the Bachelor Season 21 finale, Nick will continue to eliminate ladies he doesn’t see a future with. Two girls will leave this week, but before that happens, the show will start out with the rose ceremony that didn’t air last week. Dominique was eliminated during the Week 2 group date and, according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Nick will send Brittany Farrar and Christen Whitney home.

Who goes on dates this week?

The fourth episode is one that could spark some big-time jealousy, especially when it comes to who gets to meet Nick’s family during a one-on-one date. Spoilers point to Raven Gates scoring some alone time with Nick that includes going to his younger sister’s soccer game followed by roller skating at the local roller rink in Nick’s hometown. Fans can expect Raven to quickly make frontrunner status after this date — she gets a rose.


Danielle L. will score the second one-on-one date and it will include a run-in with Amber Allan, a woman he dated when he lived in Waukesha. Although producers will make this out to be a dramatic moment, Reality Steve reveals that Nick’s ex is married with children, so the whole scene was probably set up simply to create some drama.

“They dated before she was even with her current husband,” Steve writes. “This was a set up by Nick and producers as Amber was contacted by them and told where to be and at what time so Nick and his date could “accidentally” run into an ex. Their date started immediately in the Steaming Cup coffee shop, where Amber just happened to be. The three of them talked, nothing major happened, and that was that.”

Nick Viall Danielle L Week 4 date in Wisconsin

According to ABC, the remaining 13 women will go on a group date to a local farm, but “not all the ladies feel at home.” Previews indicate that Corinne isn’t all that pleased with the farm life and takes off, something that People magazine reveals will get Nick’s “blood boiling.”

However, Reality Steve states that Corinne isn’t the only one who start some group-date drama. Vanessa reportedly tells Nick that Danielle L. is fake, something that will start a bit of a firestorm among the girls. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Vanessa’s edit goes from sweet to villain at this point.

Despite the drama they create, Vanessa and Corinne seem to be two of Nick’s top ladies this season. Their frontrunner status doesn’t seem to help them on this date, though — Kristina gets the group date rose.

The Bachelor Nick Viall and Vanessa on Week 4 Group date

Who goes home tonight?

The cocktail party will be must-see TV on Monday night. Spoilers point to Corinne going off the rails when Taylor calls her “emotionally unintelligent.” Corinne, who brags about having a nanny at home, lets everyone know that she runs her father’s “multi-million dollar business,” and is really smart. Fans can expect this feud to carry on next week when producers pick Corinne and Taylor for the two-on-one group date.

After the drama-filled cocktail party, Nick will send two girls who haven’t created any drama — Astrid Loch and Sarah Vendal.

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