Brad Pitt Finally Wins A Huge Court Battle Against Angelina Jolie, As Rumors Swirl She Regrets The Split

Things are looking up for Brad Pitt. A week after releasing their joint statement, Pitt scored a huge win in his custody battle with Angelina Jolie. Does she regret filing for divorce from the Allied star?

An inside source told Life & Style Magazine that a judge ordered Jolie to give Pitt access to the kids after she sabotaged his visiting rights. The actress allegedly canceled Pitt’s plans to visit their six children on multiple occasions and made him jump through hurdles just to see them. Pitt brought the matter before a judge and now gets to visit on a much more regular basis.

The news comes after Pitt’s surprise appearance at the Golden Globes. The actor shocked fans when he introduced the movie Moonlight and received a standing ovation from his Hollywood peers. For Pitt, the warm welcome had bigger connotations.

“It really sent a message about how people have seen him as acting responsibly during Angelina’s entire smear campaign against him. There’s no question Brad has won this battle,” an inside revealed.

The source claims that members of Jolie’s team are starting to turn against her in the wake of the new developments.

“There are huge disagreements between members of her team. They are fighting. Some of them don’t like her campaign against Brad,” the source shared, adding that one person wanted to quit because Jolie couldn’t see “that after the FBI and DCFS had cleared Brad, there just weren’t any grounds for her to get sole custody of the kids.”

After his Golden Globe cameo, the World War Z star was spotted at a charity concert in Malibu. Pitt looked visibly skinny during the concert and it was clear that the divorce had taken a physical toll on the actor. “Brad’s anguish is palpable right now,” an insider explained. “He desperately misses having his kids… These supervised visits are sheer hell on him.”

Despite his frail look, Vanity Fair reports that Brad Pitt has strategically chosen the best places and times to make his public appearances. Indeed, the actor’s recent appearances have slowly but surely turned things in his favor.

Now that the tides have turned, Be is reporting that Jolie regrets divorcing Pitt. The actress started having second thoughts about the split when Pitt was warmly welcomed at the Golden Globes, and his recent win in court only made things worse.

“Angelina is calling him and telling him how much she loves and misses him,” a source revealed. “She’ll try to get him to reminisce with her about all the good times they had.”

Jolie isn’t always in the mood to reconcile. The insider added that she constantly changes her mind and her mood swings make her “lash out” at her former husband. “She’s acting like a crazy person,” the insider stated. “One minute she’ll say that her whole world still revolves around Brad and the next she’ll accuse him of all but ruining her life. She veers between love and hate with a velocity that’s disturbing.”

Jolie is also dealing with drama related to oldest daughter, Zahara. According to Life & Style Magazine, Zahara’s biological mother, Mentewab Dawit Lebiso, wants to reconnect with her daughter. Lebiso doesn’t want to take Zahara back, but she does want to establish a line of communication.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life is reporting that the couple’s private judge might make the divorce go smoother from here on out. Pitt and Jolie have hired private judge John Ouderkirk to oversee the divorce, and he plans on easing the tension through laughter.

“John will try to get Angelina and Brad to laugh through their divorce proceedings,” an insider revealed. “He’s known to be strict, but also has a sense of humor that could diffuse any difficult issues they might encounter.”

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