Kendall Jenner Vs. Kylie Jenner, Nipple Show In Paris

Kendall Jenner is once again making waves in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, after she, for the second time, has exposed her starry nipples pasties in a sheer top that she was spotted wearing earlier in the day. The 21-year-old donned the starry outfit for the second time in a day when she decided to hit the town this past Saturday night with good friend and model, Bella Hadid. The model visited Ferdi’s restaurant in he evening with her BFF, 20-year-old Bella Hadid, after her visit to L’Avenue restaurant in the city earlier during that same day.

The Danielle Guizio sheer creation, which is more a body suit than an actual sheer top, was accompanied by a pair of large hoop earrings and a furry sleeved denim jacket. She later swapped out the denim jacket for a classy little black fur number. The young model decided to show off her gorgeous figure supporting the sheer star pasty nipple ensemble with a pair of black cigarette trousers and lace up courts.

Kendall Jenner vs Kylie Jenner, nipple show in paris

The day before, the picturesque fashion diva graced audience members as she walked for Givenchy in a Victorian-inspired monochrome outfit before deciding to hit the town and party it up with BFF Bella, hoping to keep her mind off her dramas as of late.

Kendall Vs. Kylie

Although sibling rivalry is not uncommon amongst sisters, these two ladies seem to have decided to take their rivalry to another level. It seems as though the starry nipple coverage may be more than just a fashion faux pas, as it has been reported that the sisters have challenged each other to see who can be the most daring when it comes to exposing their nipple rings. Sources told that fans shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next nipple slip.

“Kendall and Kylie are competing to see who can push the envelope the furthest when it comes to their nipple rings. They both get a rush out of how much it shocks people, it makes them feel bad a**.”

It seems that the nipple exposure pursuit between the two sisters is more about good old shock value than anything else. The 19-year-old Kylie drove her fans wild last November when she decided to bare her nipples, and their accompanying bling, for the first time, while sister Kylie has been flaunting her goods since she had her nipples pierced more than a year ago. Twenty-one-year-old Kendall opened up about the experience, recounting that it was not as painful as one might think.

Kendall Jenner vs Kylie Jenner, nipple show in paris

“Honestly, it hurt, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone made it seem and maybe because everyone hyped it up and thought it would be really, really bad. Then it wasn’t as bad as I expected.”

Boyfriend Dramas

While she was out enjoying her time in Paris with Bella, Kendall’s close friend, Hailey Baldwin, was spotted going out for dinner with the models rumored boyfriend, Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Jordan Clarkson. The two were seen out and about last Thursday night in West Hollywood, although the trio has been reportedly close friends for quite some time.

The three friends are often seen hanging out together and have been identified courtside watching the LA Laker’s play basketball. Even though Kendall and Jordan have not declared themselves to be a bona fide couple, at least publicly anyway, the two have been sharing each other’s company for more than a year now.

Perhaps Kendall’s latest attention attracting nipple expose has helped to take her mind off the potential drama of losing the LA Laker star to BF Hailey Baldwin, even though the trio spent a lot of time together. Or perhaps she is trying to upstage her younger sister in their nipple piercing antics of shock and awe. Whatever the reason for the starry nipple flashes, the Givenchy runway model is certainly turning up the heat both on the catwalk and on the streets.

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