‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Fights For Franco, Julian Battles Olivia, Anna Remembers More About Valentin, And Jason Gets Sick

This is going to be a week jam-packed with action according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Anna has had some key memory flashes that are helping her piece together a mystery from her past while Olivia is ready to exact revenge against Julian and others who have crossed her. Lulu has told Charlotte that she’s the little girl’s mother and Elizabeth told Sam what she believes is the truth about Tom’s death in an effort to help Franco. Where are things headed during the week of January 23?

Valentin slipped and showed a side of himself that until now has been carefully hidden away and this is sparking flashes of memories for Anna. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that everybody will see more on this front during Monday’s show and Valentin will show his true self as Anna remembers more about their prior connection.

Elizabeth is desperate to find Franco and she told Sam that she believes that Alexis is the one who killed Tom. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central detail that Elizabeth will connect with Scott to try to find Franco and she could be in danger as this plays out. Sam is said to learn the truth about Alexis’ secret, and Franco will continue to be in danger as he faces consequences for what he’s done.

Emme Rylan plays Lulu on 'General Hospital'

Lulu blurted out the truth about her connection to Charlotte and it sounds as if she’ll lean heavily on Dante after the little girl rejects her. There will be more scenes with Curtis and Jordan together as they are said to look back on old times together and there’s a bit of time with Laura and Kevin ahead as well.

Carly and Sonny have been working their way back to one another since Morgan’s supposed death, but General Hospital spoilers note that Carly will continue to struggle with the violence that surrounds Sonny. Viewers will see Sonny talk with Nelle and try to share some wisdom with her and Carly will be chatting with Michael and apparently cautioning him and offering up some advice. There’s more between Michael and Nelle ahead as well as some action involving Kiki and Dillon.

Maxie and Nathan are working on putting their troubles behind them as they embrace being newlyweds, and Hayden and Finn are trying to move forward in their somewhat complicated relationship. General Hospital spoilers share that Brad will be asking some questions about Finn and Finn still has some scrambling to do.

Michael Easton plays Dr. Hamilton Finn on 'General Hospital'

Julian is determined to keep his family safe from Olivia and General Hospital spoilers detail that he will go to great lengths to ensure that things go his way, resorting to blackmail to get what he wants. Olivia’s return has brought up some old storylines that could spark juicy twists and turns as she tries to take down Julian and the others she blames for her years of exile.

Jason will be facing a health crisis in the coming episodes and viewers have to wonder if this will be connected to Olivia in some way. In addition, Dante and Nathan will be catching a break that they need as they gather evidence that helps them focus on a specific suspect. Teasers also note that Sam will be uncovering an important clue of some sort and it sounds as if some serious forward progress on multiple storylines is ahead over the course of the next few shows.

What happens next with Franco and will Elizabeth be able to save him? How far will Olivia go to get revenge against Julian, Anna, and others, and what secrets will be revealed along the way? Just how are Anna and Valentin connected and when will all of Nelle’s secrets be exposed? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will really be heating up during the week of January 23 and viewers are anxious to see where things will head next.

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