‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Makes A Dramatic Move With Steffy, Wyatt Seemingly Concedes, And Quinn Suggests A New Position For Ridge

Things will be getting wild this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers hint at juicy moments involving Quinn and Ridge as they both work on moving forward from the kiss they shared and Liam will make a dramatic move related to Steffy as Wyatt deals with the end of his marriage to her. Ivy and Katie will be in the mix of things and Thomas is speaking up as things shift at Forrester Creations. What else is on the way during the week of January 23?

Quinn and Ridge shared quite the kiss in San Francisco and they have both sworn to keep what happened to themselves. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps share that Eric will be pushing his son to fill him in on everything that happened in San Francisco, but it doesn’t sound as if Ridge will reveal anything about the kiss with Quinn, at least not yet.

Wyatt persuaded Steffy to visit him and the two shared some wine and emotional moments as they discussed their relationship. Wyatt had been anxious to reunite with her, but he has seemingly started to back off a bit and Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central detail that he will show his selfless side and apparently let Steffy go so she can focus on her new life with Liam.

Darin Brooks plays Wyatt Fuller on 'Bold and Beautiful'

Steffy may finally be on the verge of being free from Wyatt, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that a new obstacle is ahead. Liam will be worried about losing her, and he will throw out an ultimatum about how he will leave Los Angeles if she doesn’t fully commit to him. The buzz is that when he can’t get a hold of her while she’s with Wyatt, he’ll assume the worst and board a plane to head out of town.

Liam may take some time away from Steffy and Los Angeles to try to clear his head, but he will be talking with Wyatt at some point and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that Wyatt will admit that he has a reason for being so agreeable in moving ahead with his divorce. Is his motive related to thinking he still has a way to win back Steffy?

Ivy and Katie will have a conversation about Quinn and her recent behavior and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that whatever Ivy says sparks some curiosity from Katie. Apparently, Ivy will be voicing some concern about her friend, and what she shares will lead to Katie becoming suspicious. Could Katie be the one who pieces things together about what happened in San Francisco and blows this all out of the water?

Heather Tom plays Katie on 'Bold and Beautiful'

Ridge’s family will be baffled by his new attitude toward Quinn and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that she will suggest another structural change in Forrester Creations to Eric. She will suggest that for the sake of bringing the family together again, perhaps Eric should make Ridge a co-CEO with Steffy.

Thomas will speak up about his frustrations in being passed over in the changes at the family company and Ridge is said to be a bit shocked by the suggestion coming his way. Eric will be heading off to Genoa City to meet with Lauren, surely to help her save her company, and his Young and Restless crossover will air at the end of the week. Could something more happen between Ridge and Quinn while he’s out of town?

Quinn and Ridge may have promised they would both stay quiet about the kiss they shared, but viewers know better than to think that this will remain under wraps forever and it’s surely just a matter of time before Eric finds out. Liam is taking a hard line with Steffy now and some wonder if Wyatt’s softer approach in comparison could lead to shifts in this triangle. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that relationships will be tested this week and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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