'For Honor' Closed Beta Begins Jan. 26: How To Sign Up, Min. PC Requirements

For Honor is going into Closed Beta on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One beginning January 26. The event runs through January 29, and is offering players who participate several rewards that transfer over into the final game for their participation.

It's not too late to sign up for the For Honor Closed Beta, as the registration page remains open. Interested players can go to the sign-up page at forhonorgame.com/war and enter their information for a chance to get in on the action. Before doing so, PC gamers may want to check their rig's stats to see if it measures up to the requirements.

The game is not Windows 10 exclusive, as players with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 can also run the game. Although an Intel Core i5-2500K, AMD FX-6350, or equivalent processor are recommended, only the Intel Core i3-550 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 (or equivalent) are required. A minimum of four GB System Ram is required, with eight GB recommended. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 is the low-end of the required video cards, with a full list of supported cards now available. Although the game does run in 1080p, a 720p resolution at 30 frames per second is supported.

Those who prefer playing with a console controller over the traditional keyboard and mouse will be happy to hear For Honor supports Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 controllers in addition to the Xbox One Elite and PlayStation Pro controllers. Other gamepads like the Steam controller and Ouya controller are listed as "partially supported" and may require additional drivers to work.

Ubisoft explains what players can expect in the Closed Beta on their official blog as follows.
"During the Closed Beta, players can also dive into War of the Factions and get a taste of the overarching conflict between the three warring groups. War of the Factions will track every match across all platforms during the Closed Beta, and players will be rewarded for fighting for their factions (with extra spoils going to the victorious faction). Additional rewards will also be given to those that participate in the Closed Beta. Both sets of rewards will transfer over to the full game at launch."
For each of the three warring groups -- Vikings, Knights, and Samurai -- there are several specific warrior types within each group that players can take into battle. As an example, the Shugoki is a warrior within the Samurai faction who hits hard and enters the battlefield with a significantly larger amount of health than any other warrior in the game. He handles very differently from the Peacekeeper of the Knights, who is very light weight and swiftly swoops in to weaken enemies with a dagger. The variety of play styles available in the game seems to offer a number of distinctive gameplay experiences, giving players the option to dive deep by mastering a specific warrior or to simply enjoy tinkering with the gamut of warriors available.

To help players learn the basics of the For Honor battle system, Ubisoft has announced a YouTube video series hosted by popular streamers CaRtOoNz, Moo Snuckel, and That One Video Gamer. Moo Snuckel is set to deliver battle tips for playing as a Samurai, CaRtOoNz is covering the Knights, and That One Video Gamer has all the info about winning with the Vikings. The series is scheduled to begin with an overview of basic battle techniques like how to effectively attack or defend, and it will eventually provide more complex strategies and tips for advanced players.

See a slice of the action slated for the For Honor Closed Beta in the trailer below.
[Featured Image by Ubisoft]