Amber Rose Shares Highly-Suggestive Political Photos As She Supports Women’s March

Model and advocate Amber Rose took social media by storm on Saturday as she shared several suggestive posts while supporting the Women’s March.

Rose, 33, used her social media presence to voice her opinion on women’s issues and Trump’s inauguration this past weekend. Amber started her posts off with a statement saying “I march for…” as she asked people what they stand for and stated she would be at the Los Angeles Women’s March. She followed it up with a selfie showing off her shirt that featured a pair of breasts as she tagged “I am woman” and “Women’s March LA” in the caption.

However, that was just the beginning of Amber’s bold political statements of the day. She went on to post photos directed at Trump and his wife Melania, as she suggested the First Lady is in need of help.

Seriously ✊????✊????✊????✊????✊????

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Her fans seemed to enjoy the photo as it received over 180,000 likes and people left comments such as “for real” and “Stepford Wife.” Rose kept the momentum going as she shared photos of signs from the Women’s March that promoted reproductive rights. Amber included a somewhat vulgar post of a coat hanger and a sign stating “this is not a surgical instrument” as she captioned the photo “@plannedparenthood we need you.”

Some Instagram users agreed with Rose as they left lengthy comments supporting her message.

“Planned Parenthood is more! Education, birth control, therapy. It’s a must for women.”

However, it led to plenty of arguing amongst her followers as well, as one would expect such a political statement would.

“We don’t need you! Pro Life!”


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A site called SOHH reported on Amber’s involvement as she protested against Trump’s presidency and for women’s rights this weekend.

“Vixen Amber Rose knows all about women empowerment. The infamous SlutWalk leader has flexed her support for today’s national Women’s March in protest of President Donald Trump.”

The site went on to share Amber’s racy Instagram posts as she aimed to fuel the political fire.

“Rose went to Instagram Saturday (January 21) to rally behind the movement.”

Then, SOHH quoted the Washington Post as it covered the epic Women’s March around the country as Rose played her part in supporting the movement.

“Millions of women gathered in Washington and cities around the country Saturday to mount a roaring rejoinder to the inauguration of Donald Trump one day earlier. “

In fact, the crowds were so large that officials had to cancel some of the planned marches in certain cities as overwhelming numbers of people showed up.

“The historic protests of a new president packed cities large and small — from Los Angeles and Boston to Stanley, Idaho and Lander, Wyo. In Chicago, the demonstration was overwhelmed its own size, forcing officials to curtail its planned march.”


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It seems Amber was in good company as she voiced her opinion on both women’s rights and on Trump becoming president. She had shared an image of Donald made to resemble Hitler as it referenced his use of Twitter in attacking the opposition. Amber’s Instagram followers had a lot to say about the image, that is, when they weren’t arguing with one another.

Some users told Amber to stop with her statements as they implied she needs to embrace the change of power.

“Omg. You really need to stop girl!#trumpismypresident”

Others pointed out how “ignorant” comparing Trump to Hitler is as they called Amber “bitter.”

“This is pure ignorance. 6 million Jewish people dies at that hands of hitler. People who post things like this @amberrose are immature bitter and ignorant. My grandma survived the holocaust. Why don’t you open your eyes and stop being a dramatic attention seeking idiot.”

Others stated that fighting hatred with hate is like having sex for virginity. Yet, some people agreed with Amber as they stated they want Trump to take responsibility for his actions.

“Don’t let him get away with it! Make him take responsibility for his actions not the media or anyone else!”

But to end things, Rose was also called an attention-seeker as she uploaded controversial image after image to her Instagram account. However, there’s no denying Amber isn’t shy when it comes to expressing her opinion.

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