Watch Trevor Noah Sing And Dance On ‘The Daily Show’ Following President Trump’s Inauguration [Video]

Viewers of The Daily Show were in for quite a surprise when host Trevor Noah broke into song and dance following President Donald Trump’s inauguration. While Trump supporters were eagerly awaiting the swearing-in of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, Trevor Noah was on Twitter sharing tweets and comments regarding the day’s activities. Much of those comments eventually found their way worked into the evening’s broadcast of the Daily Show on Comedy Central. Some of the most memorable segments of the broadcast included First Lady Michelle Obama’s series of distressed looks while watching the inaugural events, as well as a song and dance Trevor Noah performed where he challenged President Trump to deliver the change he promised throughout his campaign. You may watch the video of Trevor Noah’s song and dance routine in response to President Trump’s inauguration in the video player above.

A montage of Michelle Obama’s expressions soon went viral and many people tagged Trevor Noah in their social media posts as he also retweeted the pictures. He aired the montage on his show which drew roars of laughter from the audience. While many have remarked that President Obama handled the transition with grace and ease, others have commented that Michelle Obama’s poker face leaves much to be desired and while President Obama hid many of his emotions from the public, Michelle Obama did not.

On Jan. 20, 2017, before President Trump’s inauguration, Trevor Noah ran a poll on his Twitter account, asking what viewers thought Donald Trump would say about the inauguration. Noah ran the poll before the media ran with photos showing the comparison between President Obama’s inauguration and President Trump’s. Choices on Noah’s poll included the following: Hugest attendance ever, Camera didn’t show it all, It doesn’t matter, and Fake news. The timing of Noah’s poll stood out as he was on-point over the growing debate that would soon ensue with President Trump’s remarks regarding the inauguration and attendance. Over 20,000 people voted in the poll and the final results completely matched President Trump’s official statements on the controversy. You may see the poll as tweeted by Trevor Noah below.

It’s no secret that Trevor Noah is no fan of Donald Trump. During the inauguration episode, Noah expressed through song and dance his exact feelings and concerns regarding the upcoming presidency. He also took issue with some of the words Donald Trump used during the inauguration. You may see the full transcript of President Trump‘s inaugural speech here. At one point, Noah pointed out that President Trump thanked former presidents and the American citizen for his win. When he expressed thanks to the people of the world, Noah questioned why Trump would make such a statement. He then alluded to the allegations that Putin had something to do with President Trump’s winning the election.

Here are some of the lyrics Trevor Noah sang in response to President Trump’s inauguration.

“And you can sign in any law

So we’re all waiting.

Though Trump is frightening to us all

Let’s see him build that (expletive) wall

If the bricks fit in his tiny little hands.

You’ve got Paul Ryan as your (expletive)

And in the Senate, you’ve got Mitch.

You’ve got the left in full retreat

And a SCOTUS empty seat.

You’re the boss of the military

Now that I say it that sounds scary.

But it means that now we’ll see

Just what the truth is.

No more excuses

No more excuses.

Let’s see you do what you’ve been preaching all along.

Now that the Kenyan Muslim’s gone

It’s time for you to carry on,

And make this country great again!”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs on Comedy Central and is a premium cable channel. You can watch full episodes of The Daily Show online at the official Comedy Central website. What do you think of Trevor Noah’s response to President Trump’s inauguration?

[Featured Image by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]