Stacey Dash Fired By Fox News Just Two Days After Donald Trump Inauguration

Stacey Dash has been an unapologetic Republican and a shameless Donald Trump supporter but apparently, that wasn’t enough to keep the Clueless actress employed by Fox News.

Dash and a handful of other television personalities including the anti-Trump George Will learned that Fox News would not be renewing their contracts according to The Hill. Dash has been pretty outspoken for the last three years as a commentator on the afternoon show Outnumbered.

News that Stacey Dash would be losing her Fox News gig came just after the actress celebrated her 50th birthday on inauguration day. The Boombox is calling her firing their birthday present to her. Certainly, it’s the least favorite gift Stacey received because now, the ultra-conservative African American actress and TV personality is unemployed.

After news broke of Stacey Dash’s firing, Twitter erupted and her name started trending almost immediately. Black Twitter, which is exactly what it sounds like — Black people using Twitter, took the opportunity to roast Dash, who has fallen out of graces with many Black Americans for her constant praise of the Republican party and of Donald Trump. Some of the tweets aimed at the conservative actress were downright nasty while others, she might have actually deserved.

Meanwhile, Stacey, who is usually pretty active on the social media website, has been silent for nearly a full day and has yet to remove “@FoxNews Contributor” from her bio.

Just yesterday the former Fox News contributor was posting articles about how the Women’s March on Washington attendees were “humiliated” by a skywriter who wrote Trump’s name in the sky. Newsflash to Stacey Dash, they all already knew how to spell his name and didn’t need any help.

She also tweeted some scathing articles about the celebrities who spoke on the National Mall during the protest, which turned out a much bigger crowd than Donald Trump’s inauguration the day before. She even commented on an article about Ashley Judd by writing, “Why feminists can’t be taken seriously: Ashley Judd calls Trump a ‘Hitler in these streets’ and ‘devil.'” Maybe Fox News fired her because she didn’t know that Ashley was reciting a poem by Nina Donovan, not making up her

Maybe Fox News fired her because she didn’t know that Ashley was reciting a poem by Nina Donovan, not making up her monolog on the spot. And if we’re really going to talk about people being taken seriously, when was the last time anyone took Stacey Dash seriously? After all, she has been one of the most pro-Fox News people, regardless of race, and she even argued in favor of Donald Trump, making excuses for the cheeto-orange commander-in-chief after he was lambasted for telling Billy Bush that he likes to grab women “by the p***y.”

Let’s see if Stacey Dash continues to make excuses for Donald Trump or to sing the praises of Fox News now that she’s been let go. She had nothing but great things to say about his inauguration speech just two days ago. You know, the one that has been blasted because it sounds eerily familiar to speeches given by the bad guy Bane from The Dark Knight Rises and the bee in The Bee Movie.

There’s still the issue of Stacey Dash’s blog on She uses Twitter to plug her blog posts often and they contain the same super conservative verbiage as her arguments on Fox News when she was employed there. Let’s just hope she doesn’t want to head back to BET because, after some of the jabs she took at her fellow African American actors while campaigning for the Republicans, there’s a pretty good chance that no one wants to see her there. If anyone wonders about the validity of that assessment, maybe Spike Lee can weigh in and tell us what he thinks of Stacey Dash.

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