‘Wayne’s World’ Returning To Theaters For Anniversary Run

Wayne’s World was a highly successful spinoff of a popular Saturday Night Live sketch that caught fire with American audiences way back in 1992. But the film only got one sequel and comedy fans have always wanted more from the franchise that could have had so much to offer in terms of pure laughter.

Now that Wayne’s World is turning 25, according to Entertainment Weekly, it is coming back to theaters for a limited re-release run in select screens across America on February 7 and 8. This coincides with the original release date for Wayne’s World, which was in February of 1992.

The original Wayne’s World film got one sequel, which featured many returning characters including the title character himself, Wayne (Mike Myers), along with Garth (Dana Carvey), and many others.

Although Wayne’s World had many memorable scenes that are still quoted to this day (“We’re not worthy”), there is one scene in particular that Wayne’s World has cemented into the legacy of comedy in film. That scene features Wayne and Garth in their legendary car driving with a couple of their tech crewmembers. Wayne inserted a tape in the tape deck and introduced Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which turned a whole new generation of fans on to the song and added to its already legendary status.

The climax of the song during the Wayne’s World scene showed all four people in the car “head banging” in sync to the music and the lyrics, leading to a slew of young people (Grungers) imitating the scene.

For those “modern” young people who may not be aware of what Wayne’s World is, allow me to give you the cliff notes. Wayne’s World original started out on a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch that featured Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as young, hip hosts of a public access channel show.

The Wayne’s World skit and subsequent film chronicled the life and times of a couple of men-boys who acquiesce with the rock and grunge lifestyle, thus leading them to use that as a theme in their TV show, which aired out of Aurora, Illinois from Wayne’s mother’s basement.

Although the original Wayne’s World skit on Saturday Night Live only included their TV show, the Wayne’s World movie actually featured their lives outside of the show and included things like going to bars, concerts, and rock shows. It also included their more mundane things like hanging out at a pizza joint and the general banter between young people who were hip to the grunge lifestyle.

Wayne ended up cozying up with a female character who also happened to be an emerging rock star at the time and the theme of Wayne’s World ending up featuring them chasing down people who wanted to stick a wedge in Wayne’s relationship with the lady.

The comedic elements of Wayne’s World were widespread with every major scene taking a hilarious cue from each situation that Wayne and Garth created for themselves. That included running a spy game on his girlfriend and another man, which ended up featuring them as The Village People by accident, including getting stuck inside a club with gay men that led to their performance of “YMCA.”

Wayne’s World had a massive cult-following for the movie and the Saturday Night Live skit, which has also led to rumors that there will also be a Wayne’s World 3, possibly coming to theaters in the future. But there have been no confirmations on that yet.

The return of Wayne’s World to theaters will also feature a roundtable discussion with the director and select cast members from the film. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone is also expected to be at the Wayne’s World roundtable discussions as well.

[Featured Image by Paramount]