Chrisette Michele Responds After Spike Lee Refuses To Use Her Song In Netflix Series

A lot of Chrisette Michele’s fans are upset that she decided to sing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ball but it seems none are as upset as Spike Lee. The famous director lashed out at Chrisette, claiming that if she went through with her plans to sing for the new POTUS, he would pull her music from an upcoming Netflix series that he’s working on. Well, Chrisette sang for Trump, Spike pulled her song and now her fiance and rapper Lil Mo are taking up for the R&B singer over her decision to sing for the president.

Spike Lee wasn’t kidding when he threatened to pull Chrisette Michele’s music from his upcoming Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It. Initially, Lee had planned to use Chrisette’s song “Black Girl Magic” for the new series but after hearing that Chrisette accepted an invitation to sing during one of the inauguration balls after Donald Trump was confirmed as the 45th president, he said no way.

Spike is a die-hard Obama supporter and has put a lot of effort into protesting Donald Trump. Right now, his Instagram page is full of protest day posters and it’s pretty obvious that the filmmaker doesn’t have time for anyone who might support the current POTUS.

Chrisette Michele responded to the backlash over her decision to perform after so many other entertainers opted to pass on the christening of Donald Trump. The singer claimed that she was “willing to be a bridge” according to Variety.

“I am here, representing you, because this is what matters,” she wrote in a statement.

“I don’t mind ‘These Stones’ if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless.”

It looks like there won’t be any bridge building between Spike Lee and Chrisette Michele because now his response to her performance is turning into an all-out feud. Chrisette’s fiance, who also happens to be her business manager, posted a very poignant message for Spike on Instagram and he’s probably already seen it by now.

Chrisette tweeted her fiance Doug “Biggs” Ellison’s Instagram post to Spike Lee. It contained an artsy looking photo and then a very simple caption that read, “Open letter to @officialspikelee ‘F**k You!’ #basquiat”

The post has since been deleted from both Chrisette Michele’s Twitter and Biggs Ellison’s Instagram but as is usually the case, screenshots caught it all and The Shade Room has it on display for everyone to see.

Even after Chrisette and her future hubby stood up for her decision to sing at the White House, she was still getting a lot of flack for agreeing to sing for Donald Trump. Many of her fans have now boycotted Chrisette Michele music and even Tonight Show band leader Questlove offered to pay her not to sing at the inauguration. Unlike Jackie Evancho, whose ticket sales increased after her inauguration performance, Chrisette faces the possibility of getting shunned by the community that previously supported her for making that same choice.

Initially, it was reported that Donald Trump lackey Omarosa set up the inauguration gig for Chrisette Michele and that the soul singer would be bringing home a whopping $750,000 paycheck for her efforts. Money like that would be hard to turn down, so it’s understandable why she would say yes.

However, the New York Daily News claims that initial reports of Chrisette Michele’s Liberty Ball performance fee were massively inflated. Instead, they say the singer actually brought home $250,000. That’s still a pretty good paycheck for one evening of singing. There was also some confusion about when Chrisette would be performing and it wasn’t alongside Three Doors Down and Toby Keith as initially thought. She wasn’t on display like Jackie Evancho or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, who performed during the actual inauguration ceremony.

Critics are also calling out those behind the scheduling for having Chrisette Michele perform at the Liberty Ball, which received a lot less press and attention, which means that she received a lot less exposure than what was previously expected. It’s still too early to tell if performing for Donald Trump at the Liberty Ball was worth it.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]