‘Terminator 1’ Cast: Who Might Play The Titular Role In Franchise Reboot?

The Terminator 1 cast has yet to be determined, but it appears James Cameron is set to regain the rights for a franchise reboot. The fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t been cast yet could surprise fans, as the Austrian bodybuilder and former California Governor was the one who made the original T-800 so menacing.

Arnold may be too old to maintain the look now, and the duty may fall on a younger actor with some years left on their cinematic resume. Terminator Genisys got away with it, but had to invent an explanation for how a cyborg can age.

Emilia Clarke is apparently not interested in any sequels after the latest film, says Screen Crush, despite having a contract to star in two more. James Cameron may not have had a choice about rebooting on his own terms, considering the box office, and it appears it’s time to try again with a new lead.

One possibility is Michael Fassbender. Having had his theatrical debut in the stylistic 300, he has proven several times that his range of acting might have yet to be challenged. He was the face of the young Magneto in X-Men: First Class, and maintained the character’s much-appreciated dignity after Sir Ian McKellan set the tone. Having been said to not want to play the role anymore, and no Assassin’s Creed sequel having been officially announced, it looks like his schedule might be a little freer when the Terminator 1 cast is decided.

An 'Assassin's Creed' movie sequel hasn't been confirmed, meaning Michael Fassbender could take over as the T-800.

Of course, Fassbender might be busy with his role in the Alien series, another one which James Cameron had a hand in making successful early on. Being German-born might make Fassbender a natural choice to take over for Arnold.

Hayden Christensen didn’t win us over with his portrayal of a young Anakin Skywalker, but his often one-note acting could be a benefit if he is the next T-800. He could probably use the payday, but he would need to make us forget his whiny approach to the most famous Sith Lord in the galaxy far, far away.

Jeremy Irvine is a more serious actor, having stuck with films which often fly under the proverbial radar, as well as theatrical plays. His most notable work was the remake of Great Expectations, and Stonewall, so much like Christensen, Jeremy’s debut as the Terminator could definitely boost his career.

Luke Evans has seen more of a spotlight, much like Fassbender, thanks to Fast & Furious 6 and The Hobbit, in which he played very different roles. While public opinion is still on the fence about these films, Luke could still be a convincing cyborg assassin from the future.

Milla Jovovich is just coming off of the Resident Evil franchise, having won her place in the spotlight with The Fifth Element alongside Bruce Willis. In today’s push for a more gender-diverse cast of leads, she might be able to pull off a great cyborg. With predecessors like Kristanna Loken, it has been proven that a female Terminator could work, though we could do without the sexualizing spin. We can’t blame Cameron for that, though, as he had sold his rights before that movie was made, and Hypable states he’s finally getting them back.

Milla Jovovich is about done with 'Resident Evil' and could be the next female Terminator.

Kate Winslet has proven herself among the elite, with an award-winning performance opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. She was also a lead in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind opposite Jim Carrey in one of his more serious roles. The transition into a Terminator might be a walk in the park for this versatile actress.

Anthony Mackie has had a successful run as Falcon in Marvel’s cinematic universe, proving to be no stranger to action. His role has been mostly minor, meaning he could easily become the first black Terminator and get his spotlight back for the first time since The Hurt Locker.

It could be a tough sell having anyone other than Arnold in the lead role for the Terminator 1 reboot cast, but with enough imagination and talent, there is nothing saying that the cyborg assassin has to be a white male.

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