‘Modern Family’ Actress Targets Barron Trump On Social Media, Julie Bowen Offends Fans With Posts

A Modern Family actress targeted Barron Trump in a series of posts on social media during the inauguration to express her own feelings of disapproval of President Trump. Actress Julie Bowen offended many of her fans when she uploaded photos of Barron from the inauguration and captioned them with her own commentary as the event was being carried out live.

Bowen’s Instagram account had several photos of Barron Trump with captions she meant as a joke, but her fans weren’t as amused.

In one of the photos Julie Bowen posted of Barron Trump, the 10-year-old was looking down as readings were taking place before his father took the podium and was sworn in as president.

“I think Barron is on his Gameboy. Can’t say I can blame him,” the Modern Family star wrote.

In another image, Barron’s hands were at the side of his face and he had a tense expression. Bowen twisted it to appear as if the boy was just as “horrified” as she was that Donald Trump was the new U.S. president.

“Barron, a voting majority shares your horror. #barronforpresident,” Bowen wrote.

In another one, she chose a shot of Barron Trump rubbing his eye and turned that into an opportunity to take a jab at the president.

“When your dad is boppin’ his head to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. #dadshame #barronforpresident,” Julie added.

Too Fab had just a few of the reactions that the Modern Family actress had on her account following the controversial posts.

“What is your problem? Are you an adult? You should feel ashamed bashing a child! Would you like it if someone was talking sh** about your boys? Grow up!!” one wrote.

“It takes a big woman to make a fun of a child. If you don’t support Trump, why post anything at all, especially, his innocent child. I guess that makes you feel good about yourself. I wonder how you would feel if someone starting putting your kids out there and make fun of them??? I’m done with you, UNFOLLOW and not watching anymore. You shame me coming from Maryland,” another reacted.

“I will officially stop watching your show. No matter who you voted for it is what it is and time to quit bitching and come together as a country for the greater good. But to call out a ten year old boy on social media is a new low,” wrote a fan.

“You are hateful Julie. All of my friends have unfollowed you today. As a mother, how cruel of you to pick apart a 10 year old child,” one more fan commented.

Julie Bowen didn’t respond to the torrent of criticism she received for targeting Barron Trump in her rants. While she may have intended it to only be a way to make her point in a comedic manner, she was called out for using humor at Barron’s expense.

Barron was a popular figure during the inauguration. He enjoyed walking with his parents in the inaugural parade, where he was smiling broadly and waving enthusiastically to adoring crowds. It was the first time that the country got to see the nation’s first son for more than a few minutes after presidential debates. During those episodes, Barron was extremely tired and fighting fatigue during hours most children his age are in bed.

Barron Trump will move into the White House with his mother after he finishes school in June. He and his mother stayed at the White House over the weekend following the inauguration.

[Featured Image by by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]