Telltale’s ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 3 Release Date Info

Back in December, Telltale released Episodes 1 and 2 of the highly anticipated The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. It’s been over a month since the first two episodes were released, and Telltale still hasn’t officially given a release date for Episode 3, and fans of the series are growing inpatient.

Earlier this week, Job Stauffer, who works at Telltale Games, gave an update on when Episode 3 will be released, saying that it won’t be released this month, and that they’re targeting a February release date.

“Won’t be this month, should let folks down easy on that – but we hope to have news in February. Big episode! Worth the wait.”

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead ended with a huge cliffhanger, which is partially why fans of the game are annoyed that we don’t have an official release date for Episode 3 yet. Furthermore, Episode 2 was shorter than the standard episodes, so fans feel like they didn’t exactly get to play through two full episodes.

While speaking about Episode 3, Stauffer said that Clementine, who has taken on more of a supporting role in the game’s new season, has a scene that literally broke him.

“Working in a lot of fan feedback for episode 3, and Clem has an episode 3 scene that literally broke me.”

Javier Garcia

In the new season, you spend the majority of your time playing as Javier Garcia, who is a brand new character in the series that was introduced in Episode 1. He’s a former baseball player who got kicked out of the pros because of his gambling habits. He also has a love/hate relationship with his family, and his brother David.

It’s unclear how many years have passed between Season 2 and Season 3, but it’s quite clear that Clementine isn’t the sweet young girl that she was back in Season 1. In the new season, she’s more of a loner, who doesn’t like to get too close to people.

Depending on how you chose to end Season 2, Season 3 of The Walking Dead starts off with Clementine alongside either Kenny or Jane. But, neither character is in the game for long, because they both get killed off relatively quickly. The loss of Kenny and Jane, and, of course Lee, is the reason why Clem is so standoffish in the new season.

One of the big questions that’s presented in Season 3 is what happened to AJ? He’s shown with Clementine in the beginning of the new season in flashbacks, but he isn’t with her in present time. The common belief is that the villain group, The New Frontier, has custody of him.

As of right now, we don’t have a release date for Episode 3, nor do we have a trailer for it. But, at least we do know that it’s likely going to come out in February.

Walking Dead

So far, Episodes 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead are getting rave reviews. There are some who are annoyed because they’re playing as Javier instead of Clementine for the majority of the first two episodes. But, we pretty much knew that’d be the case before the first two episodes were released.

If you haven’t played the first two episodes of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, they’re available to be purchased individually, or as part of the season pass, which will cost around $25. The remaining episodes of the season will be released over the next couple of months. As of right now, it looks like there will only be five episodes in this season, although they could add more later. Usually, Telltale seasons have between four and six episodes, with the exception of The Walking Dead: Michonne, which was only three episodes long.

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