Selena Gomez: The Weeknd Best Boyfriend She’s Ever Had — Justin Bieber Diss?

Selena Gomez can’t contain how she feels toward The Weeknd, it has been revealed, reportedly describing the relationship as the most intimate thing she’s ever shared with someone.

Reports claim that Gomez is head over heels in love with the “Starboy” singer, who she’s allegedly been seeing for the past two months. The duo kept their romance on the low up until last week, when photos of Selena planting a kiss on The Weeknd’s cheek surfaced online.

Their names quickly started trending on all social media platforms, and while Selena Gomez was initially worried about the public’s perception of her choice to start dating again, she simply can’t help the way she feels when it comes to her new man.

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Hollywood Life alleges that Selena has never felt the way she feels about The Weeknd, claiming that the singer makes her feel so special. When trying to explain it to friends and family, Gomez is lost for words, mentioning that what she shares with Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, can’t be compared to what she’s had in previous relationships.

The source adds by saying that the relationship between Selena and The Weeknd is most certainly the real deal. The twosome is completely smitten with one another, and with how things have gone between the duo so far, there’s no doubt that this could potentially be Gomez’s longest relationship to date, an insider reveals.

“Selena is feeling things she never felt before with The Weeknd. The relationship with Abel is fresh and new for Selena, but she can tell things are completely different from any of her previous relationships,” the source gushed.

“For the first time in a long time, Selena has her confidence back and she credits that to having Abel in her life. She is healthier than she has been in a long time and having an honest relationship has a lot to do with her feeling so strong. Abel makes Selena feel secure and she sees this as her first mature relationship as an adult.”

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Fans, via Twitter and Instagram, have already taken the comments from the source as a subliminal dig toward Justin Bieber, claiming that if Selena Gomez is branding her new romance as the best thing she’s ever had, the singer is clearly insinuating that the Biebs doesn’t come close to what she feels around The Weeknd.

Selena and Justin shared a four-year on-again, off-again romance, up until the former Hollywood couple eventually realized their relationship didn’t stand a chance. They broke up in 2014, and while insiders have claimed that the duo has tried to remain friends after their split, Gomez reportedly hasn’t spoken to her ex-boyfriend in months.

It is also stressed, via TMZ, that Bieber isn’t too fond of Selena’s new romance with The Weeknd, branding the romance as a PR stunt for his ex-girlfriend’s forthcoming album. The outlet claims that Justin doesn’t make much of Selena and The Weeknd, convinced that it’s just a publicity stunt to boost one another’s careers, especially on Gomez’s behalf.

As far as sources connected to Selena are concerned, Gomez is definitely not using her new boyfriend as a come-up to promote her next album. Having successfully completed her time at a rehab facility in Tennessee, as revealed by Daily Mail, there’s nothing more that the “Hands To Myself” star could want other than to be around the people that love her the most, including her friends, family, and her boyfriend.

According to reports, Abel makes Gomez feel special whenever they are together, so as long as the relationship continues to blossom, neither of the two will plan on breaking up anytime soon — regardless of other people’s opinions.

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