Scheana Shay On Lala Kent’s ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Departure And Possible Brandi Glanville Friendship

Surprisingly, one person who wants Lala Kent to return to Vanderpump Rules is Scheana Shay. That doesn’t mean that Scheana and Lala are friends though. On Thursday, Scheana appeared on Keven Undergaro’s The Tomorrow Show, where she talked about her Vanderpump Rules co-stars and the drama that viewers are now watching play out on the show. Scheana was asked a lot about Lala, including her thoughts on Lala leaving the show and exactly how she knows that Lala’s dating a married man. Scheana was also asked why she is so critical of Lala dating a married man, if that is indeed true, when she, in reference to her past with Brandi Glanville’s now-ex Eddie Cibrian, herself dated a married man. Speaking of Brandi, Scheana also gave her reaction to the weird compliment that the former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star actually gave her during a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance.

In her interview, Scheana maintained that during the filming of the current Vanderpump Rules season, Lala was dating a married man.

“He’s married by the way. He’s married…Well she was dating an athlete, then she started dating the married guy but I mean who’s going to admit to dating someone who’s married? I do know who he is. I have not met him but a couple of our mutual friends have met him.”

Asked about proof, Scheana said there were photos and the testimony of mutual friends.

“Because there were photos posted of them. Because we have a lot of mutual friends who met him and know him.”

As for whether the married man’s identity is Hollywood producer Randall Emmet, as Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder have publicly alleged, Scheana didn’t really confirm or deny.

“I mean, that’s what a lot of people are saying.”

When it was pointed out to Scheana that she dated a married man in the past, Scheana defended herself by saying that she didn’t know that Eddie was married to Brandi, unlike Lala, who went into her relationship with the married man fully aware of his marital status. Scheana added that Lala was actually friends with the wife and that the wife found out about the relationship when she discovered some sexts between her husband and Lala.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Scheana was heavily criticized by viewers when she recently tweeted that she was at least woman enough to apologize to Brandi for dating Eddie and that Lala should apologize to her boyfriend’s wife.

During Brandi Glanville’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, a viewer asked Brandi if she thinks Scheana Shay’s criticism of Lala Kent supposedly dating a married man is hypocritical of her considering her past with Eddie Cibrian. Brandi said that she does think that it’s hypocritical of Scheana and pointed out that it’s not even proven that Lala is indeed dating a married man. Yet Brandi then paid Scheana a compliment, saying that she actually likes how she has behaved this season on the show.

“Obviously I think that it’s hypocritical. Does anyone really know if that’s what happened with Lala? I don’t know. So I had Lala on my radio show and she never said that. And I like Lala…And honestly Scheana’s the only girl that I like this season on Vanderpump Rules. She seems like she’s the only one that has the voice of reason. She’s being normal.”

Scheana admitted during her interview that her jaw dropped when she saw Brandi actually pay her a compliment.

“Oh my God…My jaw dropped. I was like hold on, rewind, rewind again…”

So are the two now going to be friends? Not so fast. Scheana also admitted that Brandi still has her blocked on Twitter. Yet Scheana did reveal that Brandi may now have different feelings about her because of a conversation she had with one of her best friends recently.

“I did check Twitter and I am still blocked so…but um one of her best friends is friends with one of mine and a few months ago at a children’s birthday party, her and I had like a really good heart-to-heart and I don’t know if she relayed some of that to Brandi but I think she really understood where I was coming from and got to know more of the backstory and not just what came out in the press, so that may have helped as well.”

Scheana also said that she “wouldn’t be against” being friends with Brandi.

For the listeners who didn’t know, Scheana gave the backstory on her history with Brandi Glanville, explaining that 11 years ago she dated actor Eddie Cibrian, unaware that he was married to Brandi. According to Scheana, her relationship with Eddie was very public and she didn’t find out that Eddie was married to Brandi until months into the relationship. Brandi revealed that it was actually her mom who found out that Eddie was married and expecting a second child with Brandi. Scheana explained that after she found out, she broke things off with Eddie but then six months later, he told her that he and Brandi separated and he wanted another chance with her. Scheana admitted that she fell for his lies again, only for Eddie to begin an affair with singer LeeAnn Rimes a few months later.

Despite Scheana Shay’s disapproval of Lala Kent’s alleged relationship with a married man, she still wants her on Vanderpump Rules. Scheana noted that Lala, who as the Inquisitr reported, has publicly said that she left the show mid-filming and won’t be attending the reunion show, makes for good TV and that her presence on the show keeps the other women from fighting with one another.

“She said she wasn’t [going on the reunion show] but I don’t see her not. I mean she’s a huge part of the first half of our season and although she walked away, I can’t see her not being a part of it. I think they’ll convince her to come on it…I think she was a great addition to our show…she definitely added something to our show…she makes for great TV.”

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