‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Comes Clean, Sam Learns What Alexis Did, Will Franco Face The Consequences Of His Actions?

General Hospital spoilers for Jan. 23 to 27 reveal that the upcoming week is going to be full of confrontations. Valentin (James Stuart) is finally going to confront his feelings and come clean to Anna. Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) is back but she needs to reconsider whether she can live with Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) violent life. Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) evil machinations are clear to Sonny but what will he do about it?

General Hospital had a short week but it has been an eventful one. Olivia returned to Port Charles and Julian finally met his boss. On the brighter side, Maxie and Nathan tied the knot and it has been a cheery affair except for the unwanted appearance of Valentine.

Murder Suspects

Sam (Chloe Lanier) had misgivings about working with Liz (Rebecca Herbst) but she had to do it to get to the bottom of Franco’s situation. Based on the latest General Hospital spoilers, she will find a lead that points out that her mother could be involved with Tom’s murder.

General Hospital Actress Nancy Grahn posing for the camera

Now that her daughter knows that she could be involved, Alexis will confess everything to Sam in the upcoming episodes of General Hospital. Alexis will also admit to seeing Tom the night he died and about allowing Julian to stay with her. Although her mother’s alcoholism did not sit well with her, Sam will continue her investigation until she finds a vital clue.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will not be the only one to find a breakthrough in Franco’s case. While at the roadhouse, Liz finds Franco’s bloody phone and she will turn to Scotty for help. Liz and Sam are not the only ones who will deal with Franco’s situation –Kiki will also be entangled in the case. Kiki will try to help in clearing Franco’s name and prove that he had nothing to do with Tom’s death. Meanwhile, Franco needs to stop running. The latest General Hospitalspoilers reveal that next week Franco will finally have some idea about the identity of the person who is after him. Sam will also play a vital role in revealing an important clue.

General Hospital episodes last week showed Franco trying to clear up his name. Now that Sam knows that Alexis is also involved, the two are the most likely suspects. An ongoing investigation promises to get closer to the real murderer but this could end up in Franco or Alexis’ arrest unless the investigators find out that the real murderer is neither of the two.

Mob Concerns

General Hospital has been abuzz with the Naxie wedding and Olivia’s reappearance. The spoilers for the upcoming week give no indication that Olivia is going to go easy on her ploys to disrupt Port Charles. Jason (Billy Miller) is going to feel sick this week and it seems that Olivia has something to do with it. Meanwhile, Olivia’s brother, Julian, will resort to blackmail to get what he wants.

General Hospital Spoilers Actor Maurice Benard posing for the camera

On the subject of the mob in Port Charles, Carly is back and she needs to consider the future of her relationship with Sonny. Carly and Sonny could still have future together but Carly needs to come to terms that the mob violence will always be part of their life. The latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will ask someone for relationship advice.

After Nelle’s scheming, Sonny is sure that the woman has an ulterior motive. He will not let her get away with it and he confronts her on this.

Mysterious Memories

Valentin remains to be one of the most despised persons in Port Charles. Spoilers for General Hospital in the upcoming week suggest that Andre will consider Griffin’s theory that Valentin has something to do with Claudette’s death. Valentin’s name will not just come up in the list of suspects; his face will also appear in Anna’s memory.

Valentin will make a big confession revealing his feelings for Anna. While the man has deep emotions, he will not be glad about Lulu’s sudden move to reveal she is Charlotte’s mother. More details on Valentin’s history will come up next week according to General Hospital spoilers.

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