Nicki Minaj: How Meek Mill Can Fix Broken Relationship — Couple To Reconcile?

Nicki Minaj is reportedly willing to give Meek Mill another chance, it has been reported.

Minaj, who is said to have dumped her boyfriend of two years earlier this month, according to People, is now having second thoughts about the sudden split and supposedly wants to see whether the twosome can give their failed romance one more try.

Over the past couple of months, endless media outlets had claimed that Nicki Minaj was unhappy being with Meek since the duo were constantly feuding over the littlest things.

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The relationship became too stressful for the 33-year-old, particularly since she’s gearing up to start working on her next studio album, and since her future with Mill became more of a blur by the day, Nicki decided to call it quits before things between the two took an even bigger turn for the worst.

But now that almost three weeks have passed since their breakup, Minaj has come around and reportedly realized that she still has feelings for Meek, Hollywood Life reveals.

The outlet claims that Nicki Minaj is more than willing to reconcile with the “It’s Me” hitmaker, but she has certain demands that have to be met if she was to ever see herself as Meek’s girlfriend again — and her requirements are quite lengthy.

First and foremost, Nicki was upset when Mill gave the impression he wasn’t bothered about the split, posting multiple photos of other women on his Instagram page to give off the idea he had already moved on.

It was later said that Meek was only doing this to get back at Nicki Minaj, in what seemed to be quite the spiteful move, fans stressed on their social media accounts.

The feeling between Nicki and Meek is definitely mutual — they still love one another, but Mill is trying to act as if the breakup hasn’t bothered him and continues to portray himself as someone who has moved on and is ready to start something fresh.

When the 29-year-old is able to admit to his flaws and act more mature in the relationship, particularly with the way he handled the split, Nicki Minaj would certainly consider getting back with him.

A source mentions that Minaj still has feelings for Mill. They spent two years together and even talked about marriage and children. Of course, the obstacles they ended up facing during their time as a couple would end up delaying those plans, eventually leading to their split, but Nicki is ready for a new beginning.

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“She just can’t throw him away!” the source explains. “She’s angry at him for trying to put her on blast on social media and fronting like he wasn’t hurt after she dumped his ass.”

“He’s the one that’s been hitting her up, trying to get back together and she’s been ignoring him but gave in. For her to take Meek back, he’d have to really come correct. He’d have to stop bulls***ing and be serious about their future.”

Nicki Minaj was convinced that she would eventually marry Meek Mill, especially after the twosome made their first big purchase on a multi-million dollar home in Beverly Hills over the summer. Their future seemed bright and certainly headed in the right direction.

As of right now, there are a lot of things that Nicki wants to change about Meek, starting with his tough guy attitude. She wants to move on from the drama and the arguments, the insider adds, but the only way she can do that is if Mill compromises and tries to better himself.

“She’s tired of waiting on him to reel her in. She was looking and wanting that other ring he promised her and would have considered being his wife he weren’t so scared to ask.”

Meek Mill has yet to respond to claims that Nicki Minaj is willing to give him another chance.

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