Jerry Seinfeld Signs $100 Million Deal With Netflix, Denied Entry To Obama’s Party

Jerry Seinfeld has signed up to film two stand-up specials for Netflix, according to the Huffington Post. Seinfeld becomes the streaming service’s latest comedy catch, as it has previously signed contracts with A-list comedians Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock.

On Tuesday, Netflix announced Jerry Seinfeld had agreed to work on two stand-up specials that will stream on the service this year. But apparently, their newly-signed partnership doesn’t just end there.

Netflix also announced as many as 24 new episodes of Jerry Seinfeld’s hit web series called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which has previously included a guest appearance by the 44th U.S. president, Barack Obama. The web series, which is basically a talk show filmed mostly inside the comedian’s car, will arrive on Netflix in late 2017.

In his statement announcing the new partnership with Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld confessed how it truly feels to have his hit web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which premiered on July 19, 2012, finally become part of the Netflix family.

“When I first started thinking about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the entire Netflix business model consisted of mailing out DVDs in envelopes.”

Jerry Seinfeld added that he “loves” the fact that he and Netflix are “joining together.” But filming two stand-up specials and migrating his talk show to Netflix isn’t the complete content of his new deal with the streaming service.

It was also announced by Netflix that Jerry Seinfeld will develop scripted and non-scripted comedy programming for the streaming service. It’s as yet unclear what Seinfeld will be working on exactly, but details of the new projects will be made public soon.

Netflix signing the deal with Jerry Seinfeld comes as the streaming service continues signing A-list comedians. In November, Netflix announced it had signed a deal with Dave Chappelle to make three comedy specials in 2017.

Then a few weeks later, the streaming service signed a $40 million deal with Chris Rock to film two stand-up specials to also be released in 2017. Then just last week, it was announced that Amy Schumer is also becoming part of the Netflix family. And now Jerry Seinfeld.

The future of Jerry Seinfeld’s hit sitcom Seinfeld remains unknown, but it’s expected that if the comedian delivers good ratings on his other Netflix projects, the streaming service would consider making Seinfeld fully available on its service, too.

Hulu now remains the streaming home for Seinfeld, while it was Sony’s streaming service, Crackle, that had initially served as the home for the sitcom. Sources close to Netflix claim the price tag of Netflix’s deal with Jerry Seinfeld reached $100 million.

Jerry Seinfeld nearly missed the outgoing U.S. president Barack Obama’s farewell party held last Saturday, according to E! Online. Seinfeld, whose birth name is Jerome, was invited to the party but security wouldn’t let him in.

When Jerry Seinfeld showed up at the star-studded farewell party for his pal Obama and was waving his ID (which has his birth name on it) at the door, security wouldn’t let him in because no one under the name Jerome Seinfeld was invited to the party.

According to Page Six sources, security even let Jerry Seinfeld’s wife Jessica in, but had to wait for Secret Service clearance to let the comedian pass through. And the comedian was a good sport about the whole thing, as he was laughing and telling jokes to guests about it, according to one of the sources.

Besides Jerry Seinfeld, the star-studded farewell party also included A-list celebrities such as George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, Bradley Cooper, Chris Rock, Meryl Streep, and many, many others.

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