Bristol Palin Shares Her Opinion On Designer Tom Ford Not Wanting To Dress Melania Trump

Bristol Palin has proven to be outspoken when it comes to political issues, and that includes matters concerning which designers will work with first lady Melania Trump.

The 26-year-old Palin took to her blog, Patheos, on Friday to write about designer Tom Ford refusing to dress Melania. In a post titled “Designer Tom Ford insults Melania Trump, so Donald strikes back at him where it hurts,” Bristol shares her opinion on the subject. She starts her blog off by quoting Ford when he appeared on The View in November and was asked about dressing Melania.

“But instead of saying something nice, he said, ‘Well, she’s not necessarily my image.'”

It seems Palin doesn’t find it very “nice” of Ford to not want to dress Melania, but she didn’t stop there. Bristol continued on to state this was a “bad move” on the designer’s part as Donald Trump called him out.

Bristol Palin writes about Tom Ford not dressing Melania Trump

“Bad move! Her husband, President-elect Donald Trump, fired back: ‘[Melania] Never asked Tom Ford, doesn’t like Tom Ford, doesn’t like his designs.'”

Bristol then said Ford claimed his designs are too expensive for a first lady to wear as she should relate to everyone, however, he did provide a dress for Michelle Obama in 2011, according to her blog. And Ford was more than happy to dress the first lady then.

“Of that dress for Mrs. Obama, Ford said, ‘I thought that was appropriate and I was honored.'”

To this, Bristol implies Ford is intolerant as he agreed to dress Michelle, but not Melania.

“But it’s not an honor to do the same for Melania. How tolerant of him.”

She ends her post by stating Ford’s products will be thrown out, while Melania planned to wear a Ralph Lauren dress to Trump’s inauguration.

“Melania will be wearing Ralph Lauren for the inauguration while Ford’s products are piled in the dumpster.”

Bristol Palin writes about Tom Ford not dressing Melania Trump

Indeed, Donald’s friend, Steve Wynn, decided to discontinue selling Tom Ford’s cosmetics and sunglasses at his Las Vegas property. So in a way, Bristol did have a point with her last statement.

The Boston Globe also reported on the Wynn Las Vegas “dumping” Ford’s merchandise as Trump stated it was over the designer’s comments towards Melania.

“Trump said in an interview that aired Tuesday night on Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox Friends’ that hotel owner Steve Wynn ‘said he thought it was so terrible what Tom Ford said, that he threw his clothing out of his Las Vegas hotel.'”

Bristol Palin writes about Tom Ford not dressing Melania Trump

While Melania and Ford are obviously dealing with a bit of drama, Palin herself has also come under fire for her political advocacy, as well as her stance on abstinence. Most recently, Bristol came under public scrutiny as she announced she’s expecting her third child, and second with husband Dakota Meyer.

The Daily Mail covered the controversial topic as Palin expressed her joy at expanding her family.

“The newlyweds, who secretly said ‘I do’ last June, have only been married for about six months, but they are both clearly excited to add another addition to their family.”

While Bristol and Dakota may be thrilled over their baby news, readers took to leaving some not-so-nice comments on the article as they pointed out her hypocrisy over having children with different fathers and out of wedlock.

“Two with the same father, there is hope for her yet.”

“Who’s the father this time?”

Viewers also brought up Palin and Meyer’s rocky relationship as the couple was reportedly at odds just months before secretly tying the knot.

“Didn’t they hate each other a year ago?”

And while it seems that Bristol has a lot on her plate at the moment as she focuses on her two kids, Tripp, 8, and Sailor Grace, 1, she is still finding time to pen her thoughts for the world to read.

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