Barron Trump’s Face Pressed Up Against ‘The Beast’ Window Melts CNN Anchor’s Heart On Live TV

First son Barron Trump is melting hearts all over the world — and one CNN anchor couldn’t help but gush when he pressed his face against the presidential limo during the inaugural parade.

Alisyn Camerota teamed up with Chris Cuomo to report live from President Trump’s inaugural parade. At one point when the “Beast,” (the name affectionately given to the presidential limousine for its rugged military construction) rounded a corner in the motorcade, Camerota noticed Barron in awe of the reality of the moment.

“What a sweet, sweet, image that we just saw as the president [Donald Trump] went by in ‘The Beast,’ there was Barron’s face, pressed up against the window, waving to the crowd. And I could see it from here; he was looking out into the crowd, he seemed happy and overwhelmed and excited and they [the crowd of parade goers] were cheering him. And I won’t forget that image. That was really special.”

To the CNN personality’s point, despite the wealth Barron Trump was born into, it’s likely that he’s never seen or experienced anything such as the grace and reverence of the transition of power and the spirit of the Union. And, as the Sydney Morning Herald pointed out, Trump’s youngest son commanded quite a bit of airtime during the ceremony.

Barron Trump and Parents Wave to Crowd

Not surprisingly, President Trump met a mixed crowd along the parade route when he and the first family stepped out for their walk. There were chants of praise while protesters booed the new commander-in-chief, according to Yahoo! News.

The trio waved to the throngs of parade-goers along Pennsylvania Avenue near his new Trump Hotel. There, a small group of hecklers unrolled a massive “Shame” sign. Despite the hostile crowd at times, Barron didn’t appear fazed by the occasional uproar.

Police expected protests aimed at the incoming president, but according to the city’s mayor, the mass contingency of law enforcement responded well under the conditions. Several hundred people were arrested for various infractions.

There were reports of scuffles with police officers, fires, rock throwing, and vandalism. Mayor Muriel Bowser posted a message on Twitter that warned agitators not to take part in lawlessness.

“To those of you visiting Washington, DC, we welcome you but we cannot allow you to destroy our neighborhoods.”

As America’s newest first son, the public was left confused recently over his absence from pre-inaugural events. Several eagle-eyed observers pointed out that Barron was noticeably absent, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

When Barron reappeared again on the day his father was sworn in, the crowd showed their enthusiasm.

“America’s first son was seen exiting the private jet that the Trump family arrived on in Washington, D.C., on Thursday at Andrews Air Force Base. He didn’t attend several events held the same day, nor was he seen Friday morning at a church service in Washington. After one of the celebratory concerts held Thursday night in his honor, Donald Trump said Barron was ‘at home,’ meaning the hotel they were staying at down the road.”

Barron’s entry into the White House is the first time since John F. Kennedy’s son warmed the hearts of the world — some 54 years ago — that the country has had a first boy, according to the Courier.

One of John, Jr.’s most memorable moments was when a photographer snapped him saluting his fallen father’s casket during the funeral procession. The image has become one of the most iconic pieces of American memorabilia.

At 10, Barron is considerably older than the former first son. If Trump serves two terms in office, the now-boyish Barron Trump will be a grown man, ready for his new chapter after Washington.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]