Caption This! Donald Trump Inauguration Memes Make Twitter Trolls Great Again

Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States and the jury is still out on whether he’ll make America great again. One thing is for sure, though, and that is the January 20 Inauguration Day may have produced some of the best Donald Trump internet memes to date.

It all started a couple days ago when Donald Trump tweeted a picture of himself writing his speech for Inauguration Day. The memes from that photo alone are priceless, with references made to a scene from Titanic and even a few guesses as to what Trump might be sketching in his notebook that appears in the picture.

Fast forward to inauguration day and many of Donald Trump’s critics have taken to mocking the new president in the form of internet memes. It’s not really hard to do given Trump’s proclivity for saying crazy things on Twitter. Not to mention that there are a lot of Donald Trump pictures floating around out there that are just begging for a witty caption.

Not all the attention is on Donald Trump even though it’s his inauguration. There have even been memes poking fun at the way Michelle Obama was giving the side eye and another time when Bill Clinton was reportedly caught checking out Ivanka Trump’s assets.

Kellyanne Conway also managed to get memed when she came to the inauguration wearing a questionable outfit. Conway was compared to many things in the inauguration meme roast, most notably an employee of Hot Dog on a Stick.

Hillary Clinton even got in on the action after she was caught taking a very deep breath during the inauguration festivities. Clinton was praised for sucking it up and showing up to Washington, D.C., for the event but many forget that her husband, Bill Clinton, was the 42nd president of the United States, and as such, both Bill and Hillary were expected to be at the inauguration of Donald Trump.

The only living president who didn’t attend the ceremony was George H.W. Bush and that is because he and his wife Barbara are both hospitalized in Houston. George did reportedly watch the inauguration from his hospital room after having been taken off a ventilator earlier in the day and is said to have been suffering from pneumonia. The elderly Bush gets a pass on Inauguration Day and hopefully, he will be feeling better soon.

Some of the best memes of inauguration day feature Barack Obama and Joe Biden in a familiar theme that many have been enjoying. Biden has taken on the internet persona of a prankster who wants to let Donald Trump really have it. On Inauguration Day, the Joe Biden memes were all over the place as the internet version of our beloved 47th vice president of the United States offered to trip The Donald as he took the stage to give his speech. There was even a “last meme” of Obama and Biden that accompanies a picture of the pair as they are pictured together one last time.

It’s a sad day for a lot of Americans who will truly miss having Barack Obama lead the country. However, this is a great day for internet memes because the next four years are certain to give everyone plenty of material for more Donald Trump memes.

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]