Kellyanne Conway’s Gucci ‘Nutcracker’ Inauguration Coat-Dress Outfit, ‘Baby’ Nickname By President Trump Gets Buzz [Video]

Kellyanne Conway certainly got plenty of attention on social media thanks to the outfit she decided to wear during the 58th presidential inauguration of President Trump on Friday, January 20. As seen in the above photo, Kellyanne greeted former Vice President Dan Quayle while wearing a bright red hat. As seen in the following photo gallery showing Conway’s full outfit during the inauguration festivities, Kellyanne not only wore a bright red hat, along with white and blue on Friday, but she also chose to don a red dress the previous evening as President Trump kissed her hand.

President Trump’s campaign manager drew mixed opinions for her bold choice of an outfit for Inauguration Day. Kellyanne Conway has already had her own Twitter Moment created, with comparisons to everyone from Paddington Bear to a toy solider to other images in memes being created people online. Folks first spotted Conway’s red, white, and blue outfit when she was spotted at church services at St. John’s Episcopal Church. As soon as images and videos of Kellyanne were broadcast as Conway appeared at the church across from the White House in Washington, D.C., the response began on social media.

If anything, the kindest folks on social media are calling Conway’s look a patriotic outfit, since it contains all the colors of the United States flag, perhaps with Kellyanne Conway trying to represent more of a united front than the strictly Republican red dress she donned the night before Inauguration Day.

Several viral memes are comparing Conway’s outfit to the outfit donned by the Nutcracker soldier. First Lady Melania Trump also got plenty of notice for her powder blue Ralph Lauren ensemble, as seen in the following tweet.

With Conway showing up at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Friday, January 20, wearing such a bold outfit, the ensemble was sure to get noticed. On Twitter, Conway’s outfit earned a plethora of comments. Some of those comments noted that Kellyanne’s decision to wear such a notable outfit probably has sent the SNL costume designers into a frenzy, with the behind-the-scenes people likely trying to recreate Kellyanne’s look.

: “I’m sure the costume designers at are frantically recreating outfit for to wear tomorrow night!”

Whereas some people on Twitter are trying to figure out if Kellyanne wore a coat or a dress to the Inauguration Day events, others are reeling over the fact that President Trump called Conway “baby” the night before the business mogul was sworn in as president. As seen in the below video from CNN, Mr. Trump praised Kellyanne for appearing on certain networks that other men in the Trump camp would not. As a result, Trump kissed Conway’s hand as he said, “Thank you, baby.”

Meanwhile, some of the social media comments falling under popular phrases like “Conway dress” and “Kellyanne inauguration outfit” can be read below.

“Kellyanne Conway is bringing out the red, white and blue on .”

“Kellyanne Conway dressed as the era Trump wants to take America back to.

“Kellyanne Conway looked patriotic af today and if that bothers you, you should move. Also it was Gucci.”

“Kellyanne Conway’s out looking like the damn Republican Joker.”

“Why is KellyAnne Conway dressed like an American Girl doll? .”

“Is Kellyanne Conway’s inauguration outfit the sign that Trump wants to Make America 1776 Again?

“Meanwhile, Kellyanne’s clown costume is the latest in Trumpian fascist fashion.”

The fact that Kellyanne also visited a production of Hamilton also received buzz online.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]