‘LHHNY’ Star Peter Gunz Trying To Win Back Tara Wallace, Says Amina Buddafly Marriage Is Over

Peter Gunz has been featured on Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York but Amina Buddafly is nowhere in sight and Tara Wallace finally popped up last week. In previous seasons of LHHNY, the Tara-Peter-Amina love triangle has been one of the biggest storylines, but it looks like things have changed drastically and now neither woman wants the perpetual cheater back.

In a new VH1 sneak peek for the next episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, Peter Gunz confronts Tara Wallace and confesses his love for her. In a sit-down between Peter and Tara, he confessed to the mother of three that he loves her and he wants to be with her.

Peter’s marriage to Amina seems to be over with her living in California and no longer dealing with him. She hasn’t even made an appearance on LHHNY this season and even though she was originally listed as one of the stars, there is no indication that she’ll be popping up anytime soon.

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Now that Amina Buddafly is out of the picture, it looks like Tara Wallace may have decided to move on too. Tara starts out the clip by talking about how her baby boy Gunner is the best thing Peter Gunz has done for her. She continued by saying that she’s ready to move on and she even wrote her own book called The Goddess Potential. Tara explains that her new book is all about “developing a relationship with inner self.”

Tara told Peter that she is ready to move on because she’s always been the woman in a relationship that is messed up and she’s always upset about the things that Peter is doing behind her back. Pretty annoyed, she asks why Peter would even ask her to stop her progress and give him another shot.

“Who are you to keep this crap going on in my life when it is leading nowhere?” Tara blasted at Peter. “Who are you to do that to me?

“You embarrass me and you humiliate me. And like I gotta be a mom to our kids when I’m hurting, when I’m trying to be cool but when I see you I’m so upset because of all the things you’ve caused me.”

In the confessional (meaning Peter wasn’t there to hear it), Tara reminded everyone that Peter Gunz just had a baby with Amina Buddafly and she doesn’t want to deal with everything that his other family entails. It really sounds like Tara is finally ready to break free of Peter and not be the forever girlfriend and baby mama while Peter runs around with everyone else.

Right now, there’s a raging debate among Love & Hip Hop New York fans about whether Tara Wallace will be strong and continue to rebuff Peter Gunz or if she’s going to give him another chance. If history is any indication, she’ll probably jump right back in but Tara has never sounded this resolved before either.

Of course, there’s also the issue of Amina Buddafly not wanting to be with Peter anymore. It seemed like Tara and Amina were more interested in making sure the other one didn’t win than they were with the realization that the prize they both were so intent on winning was a cheating, lying Peter Gunz. Now that that reality has finally sunk in, at least with Tara, it seems that both women have dropped the Bronx rapper like a hot potato.

Do you think Tara Wallace will cave in and give Peter Gunz another chance? Or did the Love & Hip Hop New York rapper double dip for so long that now both women are ready to walk away from the father of 10?

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