‘Conan Exiles’ Shows How To Crush Enemies With Sword, Thralls, And Towering Avatars

Combat and conflict between players is a central pillar of any open-world survival title. Funcom showcased this pillar in a new Conan Exiles trailer released Friday covering how players will dominate with the sword, thralls, and summoned Avatars of Hyborian gods.

As previously covered, Conan Exiles will allow players to build structures and bases consisting of three tiers. Building structures allows players to claim land and stake their claim to valuable resources, such as iron and brimstone. These bases are huge draws for other players to attack for resources, land, or just to exert their own dominance.

Players will need the right weapons to attack bases, however. Taking down structures will require weapons that are at least one tier higher to destroy. Tier one sandstone structures can only be destroyed with iron weapons while tier two structures will require at least steel weapons. Tier three structures are the most difficult and resource-intensive structures to build and can only be brought down using expensive explosives or an even more expensive summoned Avatar, such as the Avatar of Yog at the top of this article.

Attackers may have to deal with more than strong walls, however. A well-defended base will include Thrall Archers and Warriors. These are acquired by attacking NPC camps, knocking out one of the NPCs, and dragging them to the Wheel of Pain. There they are broken and turned into a Thrall to defend, help craft, help gather resources, and dance to ward off corruption.

Thrall Warriors battle in Conan Exiles.

Players can place Thrall Archers on walls or watch towers where they can rain down arrows on attacking foes. Meanwhile, Thrall Warriors wait to deal with any attackers who manage to break through walls. Having both is vitally important for those times when a clan’s member need to log out and other players on the same server decide to try their hand at offline raiding.

Capturing a named Thrall will provide the largest defensive bonus. These are non-player hero characters who will put up a more formidable defense than unnamed Thralls.

Deciding to attack another clan’s base will require planning, resources, and weapons. Dealing with Thrall Archers, for example, means attackers will want to carry shields in order to approach walls. Higher tier weapons to cleave through enemies will also be necessary. Funcom has upped the gore factor in Conan Exiles, so don’t be surprised to see a spare limb or head laying around the battlefield.

The Avatars of Mitra and Set battle in Conan Exiles.

While weapons and explosives are necessary components to attack, the most devastating weapon in Conan Exiles is the summoned avatar, as explained by the developers.

“The ultimate tool for crushing your enemies comes through religion. By building an altar to your god, gradually gaining his favor, upgrading the altar to the highest tier and capturing a high priest thrall you will eventually be able to summon your god’s massive avatar.”

“All your effort is consumed once you summon the avatar, and you can only control it for a short time, so be sure to have your plan of attack ready. The summoner controls the avatar, and like a weapon of mass destruction the avatar will crush everything in its path.”

“If you find yourself under attack by an avatar, all hope is not lost. The player summoning the avatar is vulnerable during the ritual and while controlling the avatar. A tall pillar of light marks his spot, and if the summoner is killed at any time the avatar is instantly banished. A keen eye and a few well placed arrows may well save your city from utter destruction.”

Players will have plenty of warning before an Avatar strides through their base. Summoning an avatar is a lengthy process which produces the beam of light in the sky to signal where a god is being summoned. A server message will also be broadcast warning which player is performing the summoning. This provides time to prepare or attempt to interrupt the summoning.

Those playing on custom Conan Exiles servers may not have to deal with Avatars. Funcom is offering a server command to prevent them from beingsummoned.

Conan Exiles will launch into Steam Early Access for the PC on January 31. An Xbox One version is planned for the Game Preview program later in the spring.

[Featured Image by Funcom]