‘Halo 4’ Plagued With Server Problems, 343 Industries Working On A Fix

By all accounts, Halo 4 is a worthy entry in Microsoft’s hugely popular franchise–maybe even the best one yet–but it hasn’t been without its problems since launching on Tuesday.

On the day of launch, many users were reporting that Halo 4‘s multiplayer servers were partly, or in some cases fully inaccessible. While connectivity has improved a bit since then, some users are still reporting connection issues.

343 Industries acknowledged the server problems in a post over on the Halo Waypoint forums, confirming that impacted features include Spartan Ops, file share, service record, commendations, challenges, player-customized loadouts, and armor unlocks. Additionally, some players are having their Spartan rank reset to 1. And, of course, sometimes the service is entirely unavailable.

Although the developer has said that it’s narrowing down the cause of these issues and is in the process of ironing them out, there’s currently on ETA as to when the service will get back into proper working order.

In other Halo 4 news of the not-so-good kind, a Microsoft representative dashed any hopes that the latest in the Halo franchise would be making its way to the PC.

Although the original Halo and its sequel were eventually released on the platform, all subsequent titles were kept Xbox 360-exclusive. Penny Arcade ran a piece on Halo 4‘s absence on the PC, and received this reply from Microsoft when asked whether or not Halo 4 could be coming to PC:

“Halo 4 was designed specifically for Xbox 360, and while we’re always exploring new ways to expand the franchise and share the Halo experience with as many fans as possible, we do not currently have any plans to port Halo 4 to PC.”

For more on that, you can check out the link above.

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