Chris Brown Responds To Soulja Boy Diss Track Amid Boxing Match Plans

Chris Brown reportedly thought that Soulja Boy’s decision to release his very own diss track was “whack” and disappointing, a source has claimed.

According to Hollywood Life, Brown was far from impressed with the choice of words Soulja used in his song, titled “Stop Playing With Me,” by attempting to ridicule Chris for being brave enough to accept the boxing match offer.

The “Crank Dat” hitmaker is convinced that once he gets in the ring with Chris, it won’t be long until he’s crowned the winner and will evidently walk away with a lot of pride and money. His latest diss track somewhat hints at that, BET notes, all while taking shots at Brown by calling him all kinds of names before throwing a dig at former pal 50 Cent.

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Soulja was said to have been livid when he found out that 50 Cent was backing Chris Brown in the ongoing feud, but from what sources have gathered, he’s not too bothered since he has boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. training him for his big fight, which is being scheduled to take place in April.

Regarding the diss track, however, which has only managed to accumulate 100,000 spins in 24 hours on SoundCloud, Chris Brown reportedly considers the whole thing to be nothing but a joke that he can’t take seriously.

Hollywood Life claims that Chris is branding Soulja’s latest song as an absolute catastrophe of a song — there’s no rhythm, and in some ways, Brown is embarrassed to think that Soulja Boy is supposed to be his opponent in the forthcoming boxing match he allegedly knows will be an easy defeat.

“That was the wackest diss track ever attempted in the history of diss tracks. Soulja needs to stop making music — if you can even call it that — in general,” the source explained.

“In fact, Chris is confused. What type of garbage was that? It sounded like a CD that someone standing outside of Ralph’s grocery store would hand you on your way out. Chris started to get on Instagram and destroy Soulja but thought not to because it’s MLK day.”

The outlet concludes by stressing that Chris Brown has been trying to stay away from the drama regarding Soulja Boy on social media, but with diss tracks being thrown his way, he’s trying his best to contain his anger and frustration at the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper.

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“Soulja gets a pass, for now. Chris is really trying to be a good boy today and not trying to be provoked. But who knows how long [the peace] will last?”

Just last week, it was claimed that Chris is determined to make this boxing match one of the biggest events on pay-per-view. Having been disrespected one too many times, Brown thinks that taking his feud with Soulja into a boxing ring will settle their differences between one another once and for all.

It’s said that Chris Brown was anything but amused when Soulja Boy had made comments on the singer’s daughter, Royalty, publicly addressing the matter by stressing that children were a total taboo, and for the simple fact that his baby girl had been brought into the mix, ending the feud and calling off the boxing match is out of the question.

While reports claim that the match between Brown and Soulja will happen in April, the duo has yet to find an arena where the event will take place. Their current three options are Dubai, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, it has been reported.

Are you looking forward to the boxing match fight against Chris Brown and his former pal?

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