WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle To Headline ‘Wrestlemania 34’, Will Be The Cover Athlete For WWE 2k18

Kurt Angle has been in the news lately ever since the WWE announced that he was being entered in the 2017 Hall of Fame class. Which is why reports being rampant that the former Olympian will finally be doing some work for the WWE. There are those who think that Kurt Angle will be doing a farewell match at Wrestlemania 33, while others believe Angle will be doing some more regular work.

According to Forbes, Kurt Angle may be in for the long haul for the WWE. It is reported that the WWE will be having some grand plans for Kurt Angle that may culminate to next year’s Wrestlemania 34. And as an added bonus to fans who just love Kurt Angle, the WWE is going to put Angle on the cover of this year’s WWE 2k18.

It has been a long road for the WWE and Kurt Angle. It has been ten long years since the WWE and Kurt Angle are going to be working on something together. All fans had to look forward to where snippets from Kurt and the WWE about his potential return. A lot of fans have already lost hope that the fan favourite or heel for this matter, is ever going to grace a WWE ring again.

But thankfully, the two parties have patched things up. WWE was generous enough to let Kurt Angle headline the 2017 Hall of Fame class. According to Wrestling Inc, the 2017 class is rumoured to include various wrestling luminaries like Diamond Dallas Page, William Regal, Rick Rude, The IRS, and The Natural Disaster. The site also mentions the possible inclusion of former WWE women’s champion, Beth Phoenix.

News began to pile up that the WWE is already brewing up some storylines for Kurt Angle going to Wrestlemania 33. But the new rumor will have him going beyond that and into 2018. Kurt Angle will have a plethora of old buddies like Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, and even the Undertaker to battle with at Wrestlemania 34.

The Undertaker battle will be particularly interesting. The Deadman has no rumoured match up for Wrestlemania aside from the Braun Strowman whispers. If Kurt Angle is willing to work again with the WWE, then a feud with the Undertaker may just be what the doctor ordered. Not only will it save fans from having to see The Undertaker put a relative newcomer to the scene over, they will also be treated to a match between two of the most legendary wrestlers in pro wrestling history.


On the other hand, the WWE could place Kurt Angle to battle between the new bloods. Angle already has some history with AJ Styles and they have had great matches over at TNA. It would not be a bad thing for Kurt Angle and Aj Styles to let WWE fans have a look at what the fuzz was all about. Another option could be a match with Seth Rollins, Angle has already said he would love to fight him. Kurt Angle has high praises for the WWE superstar and it would be a great idea to let him have his wish. Rollins is in main event limbo right now and a match with Kurt Angle might be good for his career.

Another thing that the WWE is rumoured to be cooking up is a having Kurt Angle appear on the cover of their next video game WWE 2k18. The WWE has had great success when putting legends like Sting and Stone Cold Steve Austin on their covers and having Kurt Angle in this year’s game would be the smart move. Plus, it will coincide with his rumoured final match at Wrestlemania 33.

All in all, if the WWE and Kurt Angle does go this route, then it will be one of the best farewell tours for an iconic superstar.

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]