'Marvel Heroes' Action RPG Patches With Massive Systems Update, Hero Changes

All heroes, nearly 60 on the roster, in Marvel Heroes are now updated for the game's biggest systems update ever. Today's massive patch altered each hero with new traits and talents for the limited power selection, introduced team-up synergies, changed how heroes move throughout the world, and much more. The old Omega System of alternate advancement is now replaced with the Infinity System and a difficulty slider is now available across many of the game's modes.

The giant 2.0 patch for Marvel Heroes includes all of those changes and quite a few more. A directory of changes can be found on the game's official website with detailed notes on each hero's new aspects. Instead of having three hot bars available to them, players will find that the game only uses one hot bar now. That means any given hero has access to a primary power, a secondary power, and six other active abilities.

Players can pick and choose between several power options for their hero, but the days of using all of a hero's powers are gone. The new talent system for all heroes aims to make that transition a little easier. Each hero has a talent tree that will alter the way powers behave, letting players specialize in new ways. Not to mention, each hero has new passive traits and they all benefit from the game's attributes in a new way.

Action RPG Marvel Heroes system changes, controller support
A new talent lets Rocket ride Groot for a limited time [Image by Gazillion Entertainment]

Another major change is the removal of the Omega System in favor of the Infinity System. The convoluted and capped Omega System is replaced by the streamlined and appropriately named Infinity System. There is no hard cap on the amount of Infinity Points a player can earn, and attribute selection in each of the Infinity System's "gems" have no limit. Higher ranks cost many more points, however, giving players another long-term goal in Marvel Heroes.

However, a rather jarring change for veterans of the action RPG will be the drastic movement changes. Players now have to wind up their travel power before taking flight, swinging, running, or using any other form of travel power. Dashes and teleports are now normalized, making teleports no different from dashes in terms of speed or distance. Not to mention, dashes and teleports now utilize charges on a four-second cooldown, completely eliminating the ability to get around a Marvel Heroes map quickly with these powers. Dashes and teleports do remove crowd control, though, and players are invulnerable during a dash or teleport.

Marvel Heroes action RPG updates on Steam, console version possible
All heroes, even those the game launched with, have seen major improvements [Image by Gazillion Entertainment]

The enormous patch, nearly nine gigabytes, is available now on the official client or via Steam. There are several new additions, changes, and updated features in this update. The full patch notes can be viewed on the game's forums for those interested in all the details. The patch also included gamepad updates, the replacement of costume cores by off-costume catalysts, and the introduction of a difficulty slider.

"With the launch of this update, the Difficulty Slider is now available in Marvel Heroes! Now you can customize your experience even further to suit your gameplay preference. The Difficulty Slider can be accessed at the bottom of the Waypoint 'M.A.P.' window. To use it, simply select the desired region, then the difficulty setting (Normal, Heroic, Cosmic), and finally 'Warp To Location'. Note that not all modes are accessible in all difficulties - some game modes, such as Raids, can only be played in Heroic difficulty for example."
As the Inquisitr reported, the Marvel MMO is allegedly heading to console. Controller support, massive revamps of core systems, and a mention of how Marvel Heroes performs on the PlayStation 4 by a game artist gave the rumor its foundation. However, no official announcement has been made at this time to that effect.


With more updates planned to round out the full revitalization of the game, players will likely hear about additional version releases once those changes are dated or released. Unique items are still scheduled to be removed, making room for the new, streamlined Omega items. When unique items are removed from the drop tables, they will become antiquated other than for achievement hunters or nostalgia purposes. Omega level items that drop only in Omega level difficulties will be the primary form of hero gear after the upcoming Marvel Heroes update.

[Featured Image by Gazillion Entertainment]