Ellen DeGeneres Says Goodbye To President Obama With An Emotional Farewell Video

Ellen DeGeneres posted an emotional farewell video in honor of President Barack Obama on the final day of his presidency, the Huffington Post reports. The video, which was later posted on EllenTube, was part of Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show during a section dedicated as a tribute to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Ellen went on to say that President Obama changed her life.

"I want to personally thank him for changing my life," said DeGeneres. "I am a legally married woman because of him, and so is my wife. His courage and compassion created equality for everyone. He moved us forward and made more happen in the past eight years than I ever dreamed possible. I love him. I love Michelle."

It was back in 2010 that Ellen announced that she and de Rossi were getting married following the lift of same-sex marriage ban in California. In 2015, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage for couples across all 50 states. Ellen believes President Obama played a significant role in the lift of the ban.

This message was followed by a video compilation of her spending time with the Obamas over the years -- right from then President-elect Obama's first appearance on Ellen and the subsequent appearances made by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Some of the memorable moments shown in the video include the time when she and Michelle Obama had a push-ups competition. The other one was when the two went out shopping at CVS together. Another clip was from the time President Obama presented DeGeneres with the Presidential Medal of Freedom honor back in November.

The five-minute long video is embedded below.

"Thank you for everything President Obama and First Lady Michelle," DeGeneres said in closing. "We will miss you so much."

Towards the end of the video, Ellen adds a bit of humor by putting herself in the farewell address speech made by Obama a few days ago.

The video was also separately shared by Ellen on Twitter.

Even though President Obama only made two appearances on Ellen's show, once when he was just starting his run for president and another time last year, there is no denying the fact that the two had mutual admiration.

After the video clip had been shared on social media, people started reacting to it. While most comments were positive, there were some negative voices as well. A commenter on Facebook could not help but disagree with Ellen's claim that President Obama had changed her life.

The person wrote, "Really Ellen? Obama change your life? I am sure he change many life in the Middle East to by the count of bomb and drones he dropped. I know he changed a lot of life in the black communities in Chicago and all the other inner cities, no blacks dies by guns anymore. Martin Luther king should have been so happy!"

Another commenter wrote, "Give me a break! What did he do? He flip flop he was against gay marriage and then he's for it because he wanted the Hollywood gays to support him!"

People who supported Obama were, however, unflinching in their support towards him.

"Oh my! I love Ellen, and I couldn't be more proud of The Obama's. This will make you laugh and cry," wrote another commenter.

The Obamas are scheduled to attend Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington, D.C., on Friday, after which they will set off to Palm Springs, thereby ending a major chapter in U.S. history.

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