Katie Maloney On Fat Shaming: ‘Pump Rules’ Star Doesn’t Judge Lala Kent On Her Body

Katie Maloney thought that this season of Vanderpump Rules would be one to remember because she's planning her wedding to Tom Schwartz and the two of them will get married before the season is over. However, Lala Kent seemed to have ruined this happy season, as she called out Katie's weight gain during the very first episode. Clearly, Kent didn't care too much about what Lala thought about her weight, but James Kennedy asked her outright if she was pregnant and then hinted that she hadn't been working on her summer body. And this started a huge discussion about body-shaming and fat-shaming.

According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney is now revealing that she has been very judgmental of Lala this season on Vanderpump Rules, but she has never attacked Kent for her body. It's no secret that Lala has a smaller figure and she likes to show it off, so many people may have plenty of reasons to criticize her. But it sounds like Maloney wants people to know that she has never body-shamed her co-star and she thinks going after people's body size and shape is just wrong.

"It really doesn't matter to me what people look like or what the weight is. I'm not a shallow b*tch with the personality of a carrot," Katie Maloney revealed on Twitter, calling out Lala Kent's personality, to which one person replied, "No one should be fat shaming!"

"It's so cheap and low," Katie replied, to which the follower wrote back, "It's easy for someone with little to no intelligence. She is vile," and with Katie replying, "I make my head hurt."

And it sounds like Katie's Twitter followers agree, as many feel that Kent was completely out of line for attacking Katie for her body. One person even pointed out that going after someone's body to make them feel bad was one of the worst things that someone could do. And she pointed out that Maloney should be happy over the insult, because going after her body just means that Lala can't find anything else to attack.

"Commenting on someone's weight is the lamest way to insult them. It means they literally can't find anything else to insult," another person chimed in during the fat-shaming conversation, to which Katie replied, "I know lol. Oh when people say "they're just jealous". Of what?"

Of course, Katie Maloney has expressed frustrations over Lala's lack of respect. Kent has revealed that she would love to sleep with Katie's husband, Tom Schwartz. While he hasn't taken the offer seriously, it does seem rude to say that she will just sleep with Tom when he gets a divorce from Maloney - because it will happen. As for Katie, she wants to point out that she never went after Lala's personal appearance.

"My opinion of you actually has NOTHING to do with your physical self. Also, my opinion of myself has nothing to do with your appearance," Katie Maloney pointed out on Twitter, hinting that she doesn't judge Lala Kent over her appearance, to which fans wrote back, "She really is to dumb and shallow to get it. She's all about physical appearance," and "Just know she's going to live sad and alone and you get to go to bed knowing you didn't have to do dirty deeds to get a car. Since she's out next season can I replace her? I don't have a personality of a carrot."

What do you think of Katie Maloney's comments about Kent's body-shaming? Do you think she has a point or do you think Maloney has said just as horrible things to her Vanderpump Rules co-star?

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