Amber Portwood Online Boutique Grows As Lawsuit Is Filed Against ‘Teen Mom’ Star

Amber Portwood has been putting all of her energy into her online boutique, Be Forever Haute, and she recently launched a line of brand new items in her store. And while Amber is selling some adorable items in her online shop, it sounds like someone wants to go after this Teen Mom star. Yesterday, Portwood woke up to the news that someone was trying to sue her over some property that she left over a year ago. In other words, the rumored lawsuit has nothing to do with her brand new store or her role on Teen mom, but Amber is convinced that the lawsuit is only happening because she’s finally finding her footing in the business world and she’s seeing some tremendous success.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing that it is because of her role on Teen Mom that people are suing her. Apparently, people think she has thousands of dollars to come after and she is frustrated that she just can’t live her life. And on Twitter, Portwood revealed that the lawsuit isn’t exactly something she finds to be a legitimate argument.

“Lord people never go on TV! Because people will try to take you for everything you have. Here comes the lawyers. So sad honestly…Ugh,” Amber Portwood tweeted yesterday, hinting that she was facing a possible lawsuit over something related to Teen Mom.

However, as the day progressed, she started opening up about what the lawsuit was about. Apparently, a former landlord appears to be suing Amber Portwood for a home that the landlord didn’t see as being cleaned. Portwood reveals she had professional cleaners clean the home, but the landlord wasn’t happy with the pet stains in the home.

“So I wake up to some scam artist company trying to sue me for a cleaning deposit over a year ago. On a house we had professionally cleaned??” Amber Portwood tweeted later throughout the day, to which one person reacted with, “A year ago… nothing will come of it, or they would came after you right away.”

Amber Portwood appears to be frustrated over this lawsuit, but one person claims that she wasn’t telling the whole story. Amber is being accused of leaving out some important parts of the story.

“They did. She’s leaving pieces of the story out these big bad tweets. Attempts were made for a year. When attempts were made, no response. Standard procedure is court involvement after certain time passes,” one person chimed in as if this person knew what was going on with Amber’s case.

Portwood has since moved and started working on her business, so it is possible that she hasn’t actually been aware of the lawsuit like the person is suggesting. But Amber is ready to fight for her money and she’s ready to prove that the home was cleaned before she vacated it. One can hope that she has the receipt for the cleaning services, so the person who filed the lawsuit can see that she made an effort to have it cleaned.

“And they can keep on complaining because they are not getting a dime! Scam for money…Sad! Point blank,” Amber Portwood later added to the person who was trying to argue the other side of the lawsuit, to which she later added in frustration, “And to bring g my animals in it is absolutely ridiculous. My home was always clean. You can see it on the show except for a few accidents.”

What do you think of Amber Portwood’s tweets about being sued? Do you think someone is just trying to get money out of her because she’s doing well these days?

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]