Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill To Reconcile? Meek 'Trying To Get Back Together' After Nasty Breakup, Source Says

Nicki Minaj confirmed that she and Meek Mill had split earlier this month, but sources are now claiming that Mill is already looking to get back together with his former girlfriend.

According to reports, Meek has supposedly been attempting to contact Nicki in the wake of their breakup and is allegedly trying to urge the "Pound The Alarm" singer to start dating him again.

That's according to a source who spoke out to Hollywood Life following Nicki and Meek's breakup, claiming this week that Mill has supposedly "been hitting her up" and "trying to get back together" in the weeks that have followed their breakup.

But while Meek is allegedly attempting to get back together with Minaj, just days after she confirmed their breakup, the insider admitted that Nicki isn't exactly keen on the idea of getting back together with her former boyfriend amid rumors the rapper may allegedly have cheated on his girlfriend of over two years.

Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj
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"She's been ignoring him," an insider alleged of how Nicki reacted to Mill's supposed attempts to get back together. "She's not sure if she wants to jump back into a dead end relationship at the beginning of a new year."

But while the site's inside source is alleging that Nicki isn't responding to Meek's supposed attempts to contact her, the insider did admit that Minaj would have some serious demands to be met if she were to even consider dating her fellow rapper again.

According to the insider, Nicki has supposedly told friends that she would only contemplate getting back together with Meek if he agreed to get serious about a future together.

"For [Nicki] to take Meek back, he'd have to really come correct, stop bulls******g, and be serious about their future," continued the source amid the reconciliation claims suggesting they could get back together, claiming that Minaj grew "tired" in their relationship of waiting for Mill to get serious.

Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj
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"[Nicki] was looking for that other ring [Meek] promised her, and would have considered being his wife he weren't so scared to ask," claimed the Minaj source.

But while Hollywood Life is claiming that Meek Mill is supposedly looking to get back together with Nicki Minaj, is alleging that Minaj has very different ideas when it comes to potentially dating her ex again.

According to a source who spoke to the site prior to reports Mill was looking for a reconciliation, Nicki "has no intentions of getting back with him."

The site then went on to shoot down recent reports claiming that Nicki and her former boyfriend were seen together following their breakup, claiming that Minaj and Mill "are not back together" and have not been together in the wake of the split, despite recent reports claiming otherwise.

"[Nicki] is in the studio dropping some bars for sure but as for the other stuff, total bull," an insider close to Minaj said amid the swirling rumors that she and Meek had been spotted together after Nicki confirmed their breakup on Twitter.

"At the moment, [Minaj] finishing this album for her fans is her priority and that is what she instructed her team to focus on, making new music," the source added.

The admission that Nicki has no plans to start dating Meek again come amid reports published just days ago claiming that things had turned nasty between Minaj and Mill following their recent breakup, as sources claimed that Minaj has supposedly shipped out her former boyfriend's belongings from her California home and blocked him on social media.

But amid the speculation, Mill appeared to hint on social media that there could be a chance he may be looking to reconcile, shooting down rumors that he demanded Minaj give back the jewelry he bought her despite her allegedly "ignoring" his messages.

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill
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According to, Mill hit back at reports claiming he'd taken back the expensive rings he bought Nicki while they were dating, responding to an Instagram post by Baller Alert which accused him of taking back the jewelry and then flaunting it on social media.

After the site posted a snap of Meek's hand wearing what appeared to be rings very similar to the one's he bought Minaj while they were dating, Mill slammed the site in the comments section by calling the story "made up."

"Y'all gota let me breathe a lil bit with all these made up stories lol," Meek allegedly hit back in reply after being accused of wearing Minaj's rings. "Who's paying ya'll?"

Do you think Meek Mill could get back together with Nicki Minaj following their breakup?

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