Ola Jordan Of 'Strictly Come Dancing' Fame Gets Nude On The Beach For Sandy Shoot

Ola Jordan, the former Strictly Come Dancing star has decided to toss her white bikini and take a more natural approach to lounging on the sand. The 34-year-old ditched her swimsuit during the shoot of her 2017 calendar as she decided to pose nude on the beach for the upcoming calendar print.

The gorgeous former Strictly star decided to drop her swimwear for the shoot after she defended the actions, and repercussions, of her hot-tempered hubby after his unceremonious exit from this seasons installment of "Celebrity Big Brother." The leggy ballroom dancer was forced to step in and defend her man, James Jordan, after he began to make waves during his controversial second stint on "Celebrity Big Brother."

James, who met Ola when they were dancing on Strictly, was the fourth contestant to be eliminated from the CBB house, Ola's pleas not being able to halt the eviction. The 38-year-old James has blamed his departure from the house on the childish antics of the singing twins Jedward, with their peroxide hair, telling his side of the story in his follow-up interview with 40-year-old host, Emma Willis.

Ola Jordan of Strictly Come Dancing frame goes nude
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"I still cannot believe they are 25-years-old. My nephew is 14 and he is far more mature. That's the truth, honestly they are so childish."
Wife Ola insists that James is a "good egg," despite his stint with Austin Armacost in the Big Brother house that forced the BBC to issue a warning to viewers regarding offensive language.

Bikini Throwback

Being nude on the beach does not seem to be too foreign a concept for the 34-year-old bombshell. Ola has been missing the Australian sun after returning from an incredibly hot photo shoot along the Australian coast for three weeks and is missing the warm weather after she appeared on the reality TV show, "I'm a Celebrity." The model treated her fans to a really hot photo shoot of herself in a figure-tight white bikini, captioning the snap, "Oh…I'm missing this weather."

The pic shows off the dancers amazing figure in a white bikini, as she is jumping for joy in the summer sun, a huge smile plastered across her face. She did tell fans that not everything was as easy as it looked, admitting that she found it hard to be away from her hubby James.

Ola Jordan of Strictly Come Dancing frame goes nude
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"Just being away from everything, not having your phone, being away from everyone…drinking the water, which we had to boil. You're living on rice and beans, it's hard. You deal with it. You're in there and you have to deal with it."
The star did reveal to Lisa Snowden that she has been inspired to have babies, saying that she would like to be a mum one day, however, she does not know if that is possible. It is however, something that the former "I'm a Celebrity" star says that she wants.

Stepping On The Wrong Toes

The über hot Ola has not always had things sail as smoothly as her naked beach stint, as she found out the hard way, being fired from the "Strictly Come Dancing" show after she alleged that the show was fixed. She angered her bosses at the BBC by her questioning of the show integrity. Sources told the Daily Mail that producer were outraged and appalled by the dancer's comments, and they were not sure if she would be welcomed back. Those allegations were not the only thing that the producers found distasteful. Ola finding herself in some hot water with the shows' producers after some steamy photo shoots, as well as being accused by wildlife presenter, Steve Backshall, of being a bully.

The war that sprung up between Ola and the shows' producers was well publicized, her claims that the show was rigged turning the saucy star into a household name. Although it's not all bad, the sexy dancer has seen herself in a few photo shoots and other reality TV slots that have kept her in the limelight, and naked on the beach.

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