NBA Trade Rumors: Tyson Chandler Teaming Up With Anthony Davis For The Pelicans

Tyson Chandler’s career with the Phoenix Suns is not exactly turning out well. Rumors have been swirling that the Suns are looking to part with Chandler before the trade deadline passes. So many teams are reportedly interested in Tyson Chandler’s services. Among them are the Portland Trailblazers and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

But one interested team could benefit more than all of them with the addition of Tyson Chandler, and that is the New Orleans Pelicans. However, the Pelicans should move fast as the trade deadline is just a month’s time away according to Oregon Live. Tyson Chandler’s defensive prowess and rebounding capabilities is a boon for other teams and he probably won’t be in the market for too long.

Tyson Chandler will be a great addition for a Pelican’s team that desperately needs more big men. Anthony Davis has been phenomenal, but outside of him, their center spot is pretty thin. Omer Asik who should be providing quality minutes is not playing to what was expected of him. Asik is just averaging a shade under three points per game and is playing only 17 minutes. This is pretty disappointing for someone who was acquired specifically to share the brunt of the load with Davis.

Tyson Chandler is one of those defensive workhorses that can help the New Orleans Pelicans patch up one of their most glaring weakness. Chandler plays center which will allow Anthony Davis to slide back down to the power forward spot. Davis is much better playing at this position as he will be getting more mismatches there. Plus, Chandler will definitely share a bulk of the rim protection duties that currently falls on Anthony Davis.

Chandler will also give the Pelicans one of the most formidable frontcourt defenses in the NBA. The team is struggling heavily, but fans of the team will rest assure that their Pelicans will improve once they acquire Chandler. This will not be enough to contend in the East, but at least it could salvage the team’s season quite a bit. The Pelicans are at 17-26 and could still squeak into an eighth spot in the Western Conference standings.

According to Fansided, this trade is possible if the Pelicans are willing to give up a future first round pick along with shooting guard Tyreke Evans. The Pelicans are fine with letting go of Evans because they really need to look for guards who can shoot the ball well to compliment Anthony Davis. Tyson Chandler will fit well with guards Jrue Holiday and Tim Frazier on offensive sets and could be their ticket to another trip to the first round of this year’s NBA playoffs.

The only problem with this deal is that as stated above, the Pelicans will have to give up a future first-round pick to acquire Tyson Chandler. This might be too much to give up for the aging center. On the other side, the Phoenix Suns should grab this opportunity as Tyreke Evans’ expiring contract is too juicy to resist for a team that is most likely heading for a massive rebuilding mode.

The New Orleans Pelicans are at the top part of the league when it comes to defensive rating and rebounding. Tyson Chandler’s addition will certainly turn that up a notch and turn the Pelicans into one of the most formidable defensive teams in the league. However, it would be wise for the team to pursue this deal fast as a lot of other teams are also interested in acquiring the talents of Tyson Chandler.

Portland, for instance, has been in the running for Chandler and the Timberwolves would definitely love to pair Tyson up with Karl Anthony Towns for another possible fearsome frontcourt.

[Featured Image by Rick Scuteri/AP Images]