February 4, 2017
WWE News: Dean Ambrose May Not Have A Match At 'Wrestlemania 33'

As of this writing, Dean Ambrose doesn't have any solid plans for Wrestlemania, and he's actually in some danger of being kept off the card entirely during WWE's biggest show of the year. On paper, it's ridiculous that WWE officials do not have any major plans for Ambrose or the Intercontinental Championship, which has lost some momentum since he won the title a little over a month ago, heading into Wrestlemania 33.

First and foremost, Ambrose winning the IC Title from The Miz on SmackDown was an attempt by WWE to assure the WWE Universe that he's still valued as a top star and being given another IC title reign was not a demotion. However, the Intercontinental Championship gained prestige on Miz's shoulder with a lot of help from Dolph Ziggler, but it's now been placed on Ambrose as a prop while he's featured in other matches.

The Lunatic Fringe was featured in the Royal Rumble, and he'll be one of six men entering the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship during next weekend's PPV. Ambrose may be holding the IC Championship, but he's not being promoted as the champion properly heading into Wrestlemania 33. Now, it's being reported that WWE has no solid plans for him for the event and he may not even be on the card.

Dean Ambrose May Face AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 33
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Obviously, the card for Wrestlemania is stacked. Not everyone can have singles matches, but not being able to fit Dean Ambrose on the card is concerning for the WWE Universe. They'd feel this way even if he wasn't the Intercontinental Champion. The fact that he is, only makes the idea of him not wrestling a match on the card a huge problem, especially because it was reported that WWE was planning a huge match for Ambrose.

Apparently, WWE officials are throwing around the idea of Dean Ambrose facing AJ Styles for the IC Title in Orlando at Wrestlemania 33. On paper, that could be interesting because they were just feuding over the WWE Championship not even two months ago, but that is also really concerning. It has also been reported that if that match comes to fruition, it will most likely happen during the Wrestlemania Kickoff Show.

The WWE Universe didn't appreciate WWE officials booking Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax during the Pre-show for the WWE Royal Rumble. Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, and the Intercontinental Title all being demoted to the Kickoff Show for Wrestlemania 33 at the same time would send the WWE Universe into a huge frenzy.

Dean Ambrose Will Hold Onto the IC Title Indefinitely
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However, it's also being rumored that Styles could be facing Shane McMahon on the grandest stage of them all. Much of the WWE Universe isn't thrilled about that match either, but it would be on the main card. But, that would leave Dean Ambrose in the same position he's in right now, and it's possible that WWE officials may not be able to find room for him on the card for Wrestlemania 33. That seems crazy, but it's plausible.

Dean Ambrose is one of the top faces on SmackDown and in WWE. He's arguably WWE's top workhorse for WWE live events, and he's often praised for not missing a show in a long time. Eventually, WWE will find a place for him on the Wrestlemania card, but the WWE Universe is concerned that it's a struggle to find him a spot, especially with him holding the Intercontinental Title heading into WWE's biggest show of the year.

The bigger issue that even after Wrestlemania 33 is over, Dean Ambrose will likely still be the IC Champion, so WWE will need to feature him and the title more strongly after Wrestlemania season. The Miz showed us this year that the IC Title can have a lot of prestige on SmackDown. WWE doing the same with Ambrose is important for the title, but also to ensure Dean Ambrose can maintain his position with WWE for years to come.

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