Plaxico Burress Beats 125 MPH Speeding Ticket On Technicality

Plaxico Burress escaped a heavy fine when he beat a 125 mph speeding ticket on a technicality. The former NFL receiver had a promising career in his hands when he shot himself in the leg in a club in 2008.

Burress got the ticked in Broward County, Florida, driving an impressive 125 mph (70 miles over the speed limit), reports Yahoo! Sports.

While the former NFL player was pulled over and ticketed for going over the speed limit, the officer cited the incorrect law on the ticket. The officer corrected the mistake but only after handing out the ticket.

The mistake ended up being a lucky break for Plaxico, who had the ticket thrown out on the technicality. While officers will likely pay closer attention to the laws they write on tickets, those who receive them will also likely look closer at the laws they have violated.

While Plaxico may have beat the massive 125 mpg ticket, which he earned in his 2012 Ferrari, he still remains unemployed, with some experts believing that the former NFL player is asking too much for his potential contracts.

Yard Barker writers note:

“Now, I have no idea what law was cited on Burress’ copy of the citation, but it couldn’t have been that far off from the speeding charge, could it? Something has finally gone Burress’ way after he shot himself in the leg in November of 2008 and ended up serving jail time.”

This isn’t the first time Plaxico has beaten a speeding ticket, as the former NFL player was cited for a number of charges including speeding in March of 2009. But that ticket was thrown out when his lawyer argued the officer didn’t provide any information on how to pay the tickets.

Do you think Plaxico should have beaten the 125 mph speeding ticket, or should he have to pay it?