DJ Afrojack Sued For $25M By Ex-Girlfriend: Citing Suicide Threats And Controlling Behavior

Amanda Katherine

DJ Afrojack is being sued by his ex-girlfriend for $25 million for reported suicide threats and aggressively controlling behavior. The music star was served legal papers that are claiming he should have to pay for the way he treated his former girlfriend throughout their relationship.

Afrojack's ex-girlfriend, Lauren Meditz, is seeking $25 million in damages from her so-called "boyfriend from hell," according to Radar Online.

Meditz met Afrojack, whose real name is Nick Van de Wall, through a mutual friend. Lauren is accusing the DJ of being controlling and of fraud in the filing.

Afrojack was served with the lawsuit papers while walking into The Record Plant recording studio in Los Angeles on January 18.

When she returned to work, Meditz claimed that Afrojack would begin "constantly calling, texting, Facetiming, and all otherwise communicating with Meditz."

The DJ's ex-girlfriend allegedly repeatedly told her he "wanted her with him and wouldn't take no for an answer."

Meditz claimed that she was made to "feel guilt, shame, and disloyalty" by Afrojack when she would return to work.

Meditz eventually quit her job after she claimed Afrojack requested it.

On June 14, 2015, Afrojack's former girlfriend claimed that they entered a verbal agreement that he would support her financially if she devoted her time and attention to his personal business.

"The parties future agreed that in the event of the dissolution of their relationship by death, separation or otherwise, that all of Van de Wall's property including that acquired during the time of the parties' relationship, would be divided for the benefit of Meditz."

"Van de Wall always expressed to Meditz that they were in fact equal partners."

"Van de Wall always expressed to Meditz that they were in fact equal partners."

Meditz noted an incident when she was the Maid of Honor at her friend's wedding and she accused Afrojack of "contacting her incessantly to the point where Meditz neglected her friends and the wedding festivities in order to attend to Van de Wall's temper tantrum."

Meditz then claimed that when she went to Florida in March of 2016 for three days to visit her parents, Afrojack allegedly acted "cruel and childish [as he would] constantly reach out to Meditz and berate her for leaving him and making her feel guilty and disloyal for 'abandoning' Van de Wall."

The woman is even going as far as to accuse Afrojack of committing fraud so that she would stay by his side.

The DJ allegedly asked his then-girlfriend to fly with him to Brazil towards the beginning of their relationship. However, Lauren was unable to go because her Brazilian Visa was denied. Afrojack then allegedly asked the owner of his talent agency to write a letter fraudulently claiming that she was Afrojack's employee.

That Visa request was also denied.

The relationship finally came to an end in May of 2016, when Meditz invited her friends to come out and see one of his shows in Las Vegas. When Lauren stayed with her friends during the performance instead of being with him backstage, he had security escort her off of the property.

When he sent her belongings to her after the breakup and claimed that "many items were missing and/or destroyed."

Lauren Meditz is claiming that Afrojack "failed to perform his part of the agreement by refusing to divorce his real and personal property assets for Meditz's benefit or render Meditz financially secure."

Meditz wants $25 million in damages, their dog Dory, and a 2015 White Range Rover Sport, gifted her to by Afrojack.

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Update: Afrojack's attorney, Martin Singer, released the following statement about the lawsuit.

"The absurd lawsuit filed by disgruntled ex-girlfriend Lauren Meditz is nothing more than a shakedown of Nick van de Wall, aka Afrojack. These claims are completely false and fictional. You don't have a valid claim just because your ex-boyfriend ends the relationship with you. This is not the first time that Ms. Meditz has filed this type of lawsuit. We are very confident this matter will be promptly dismissed."

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