Judge Judy Goes Ballistic On 21-Year-Old Show Guest With 10 Kids Who Says He Slept With Her Daughter

In an undated television episode of Judge Judy’s show, which bears her name, one man who fathered nearly a dozen kids with different mothers, got the third degree from the judge. His suggestion that one of the moms was her daughter — an attempt at humor — didn’t go too well. If you follow the show, you know what came next.

According to America Now, a 21-year-old man who claims to have fathered 10 kids from “about” four different women began trying to upstage Judy (real name, Judith Susan Sheindlin) in her own court. Apparently, he is either not that familiar with the show, was trying to make good on a bet to face the beast, or was there to get his 15 minutes of fame.

Either way, Judge Judy shut him down in classic fashion.

For the backstory, the young man is supposedly a welfare recipient who is abusing the system for government subsidies. He was there, as part of his agreement for binding arbitration, to force another woman to pay up for selling him illegal merchandise. During the explanation of his claim, the unwise man mentioned that he was the father of 10.

“Why do you have ten children? Judge Judy probed him.

“I love kids,” the man responded to Judy who was not buying the seemingly outlandish response.

“I mean you actually made ten children, participated in the making of ten children? How old are your children?”

The man said the kids’ ages are from 3 to 5-years-old, to Judy’s amazement.

“I know that this is not really germane but it blows my mind,” she says.

“With how many different women do you have these ten children?”

Judy pauses and allows the man to collect his thoughts and he says “about four” before leaning over the microphone again and saying, “About four of them including… your daughter.”

You’ll have to check out the video above if you missed her “priceless” response.

According to the Inquisitr, Judy re-upped on her television contract in 2013. The new deal with CBS TV Distribution was pretty lucrative and shows that she still has clout in Hollywood.

“The feisty ex-New York City family court judge, 72, reportedly already banks an estimated $47 million a year, so no one will ever have to hold a bake sale for her or her family. Currently, in its 19th season, Judge Judy is said to be the top-rated show in first-run daytime syndication for the past five years, pulling in about 10 million viewers a day. The deal also includes possible new co-ventures between CBS and Sheindlin’s Queen Bee Productions, which currently produces ‘Hot Bench,’ a similar show but with a three-judge panel. ‘Hot Bench’ has already been renewed for a second season.”

According to the Wrap, Judge Judy was among several celebrities at a memorial for the late Brady Bunch star, Florence Henderson, at the Television Academy in North Hollywood, California on Sunday.

Sheindlin joined Tom Bergeron, Carol Burnett, Maureen McCormick, and Katie Couric in sharing niceties about Henderson and recalling fond memories. Burnett described how Henderson helped her daughter, Carrie Hamilton, with hypnotherapy during her struggle with lung cancer. Sadly, Burnett’ daughter lost her battle in 2002, but Henderson was a constant fixture until the end.

Judy and Henderson were friends for two decades. The feisty judge shared a touching story with the crowd about how Henderson sent her husband, Jerry Sheindlin, a dozen birthday cards every year. Last year, Henderson sent him a text message that informed him the cards would be late. She was ailing at the time, sources said.

Judge Judy is a larger-than-life persona on television, but judging (pun intended) from many that know her, she’s a darling off-camera. The man who quipped about having her daughter as a baby mama likely wished he hadn’t gone there with Judy.

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